Attic Apartment with Unique Pieces of Furniture by Dimitar Karanikolov and Veneta Niklova

There will be the time when we call it quits on something, and then move on for something new. For architect Dimitar Karanikolov from firm Meshroom and interior designer Veneta Niklova, their time has come. After spending years of career on their respective field, giving real pleasure of living in a nice and beautiful home to their clients, now they make something for themselves. With knowledge and skills in their respective expertise, a wonderful attic apartment filled with custom furniture is a pleasant thing to see. You can go through this article to see how the pair make it happens.
It seems like both Dimitar Karanikolov and Veneta Niklova love a bit old school style living, which does not show much comforts offered by the latest technology. They want to show that modest can be stylish too. We can see this on the upper level of their apartment. It looks aesthetically appealing with its old fashion style.
The sizeable black box that is standing in the middle of the room becomes the biggest custom part of the project. We might not figure out that it is the apartment’s bathroom. Coated with dark concrete panels, this black box appears as if it is the original part of the building.
The couple then completed the apartment with a creatively designed storage that offers plenty space at each of its side. Lending the shape of a vintage suitcase, the storage is divided into 2 parts. We can use the outer part of it as an open-air coat closet, while the inside serves as a wardrobe. Another beautiful piece of furniture found in the apartment is the coffee table that takes a shape of a suitcase and works for storing blankets and other comforts.
In order to improve privacy, this apartment has aluminum planters to protect the dwellers’ privacy while also serve as additional exterior ornament. It also has a guest bedroom, bathing area completed with an in-floor bathtub on the second floor near the curving roof. A narrow outdoor deck capped the project. Dwellers can use it as outdoor storage or just for the spot to enjoy the afternoon.

The Best of Snows Furniture Tulsa

Home and furniture is something related; it is because every room in the home needs the furniture. Actually, furniture has been used for a long time ago and this time, the development of furniture is growing rapidly. There are available so many furniture with variety design and style, and of course it can attract the attention of many people. Furniture is the best way to make your home interest and fabulous. Actually, choosing furniture is not something easy, because there are so many people who are disappointed after purchased the furniture. Choosing the furniture is not only from the design or style, but also the quality of furniture itself. The best quality furniture will allow you to get the durable furniture. There are available so many Furniture Company and stores around you, and Snows Furniture Tulsa is the best one.

Snows Furniture Tulsa Location

Snows furniture is located in 851 S Sheridan Rd, Tulsa, OK 74112. If you want to get more information, you can contact the Snow Furniture, in the phone number (918) 834-0878. The opening hour of this store for Monday to Saturday at 10.00 am to 6.00 pm, while for Sunday at 12.00 pm to 6.00 pm. this furniture retail is also provided the website; there is The categories of this furniture are Bedroom sets, Beds, Furniture store, Bedding, and also the mattress. The showroom of Snow Furniture is filled with a great selection from the high quality home furnishings.

Snow's Furniture Warehouse Tulsa
Snow’s Furniture Warehouse Tulsa

The Quality of Furniture
All of furniture are made from high-quality material, and Snow Furniture also offers a low-price furniture. Sometimes, Snow Furniture offers the discount, and it means that you will get the cheap furniture with the best quality. The purpose of Snow Furniture is to be the source of customers for all home furniture and offers high quality furniture with low-price for customers. Snow Furniture knows that the satisfaction of acustomer is important to increase the quality and becomes the reliable furniture store in Tulsa.
Snows Furniture Tulsa is not only provided the furniture for home-need, but also for kid’s furniture. There are available the twin bedroom, youth bedding, and many more teen furniture.You can also choose the furniture material that you want; there are available so many leather sofas, and all of them are made from the best quality leather that allow you to get the durable sofa. Snow furniture Tulsa is offering the consultation about home furnishing, so that you will get the perfect furniture arrangement in your home.
Snow's Furniture Tulsa Bunk Beds
Snow’s Furniture Tulsa Bunk Beds

The famous furniture from Snows Furniture Tulsa is mattress. There are available so many mattresses with variety width and model. The mattress is including Sealy and Simons and Lady America. Snow furniture has a home furnishings store in Oklahoma, serving the metro area of Tulsa. There are so many people, who have purchased some the furniture from Snow Furniture Tulsa, and most of them are satisfied with the furniture and they have posted their review. The variety of mattress brands, make people free to choose the best one, and they can make it suitable with their budget. If you are the people around Tulsa, please come to the Snow Furniture and enjoy shopping the furniture with affordable price.document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

Sofa Bed Sheets – Representative Furniture for Modern Retreat

Sheets for sofa beds – Is it true that everyone has the same goal to have a modern home design? yeah, a home with accessible interior that offers you complete nuance combination of the outdoor and indoor sight. In addition, a modern retreat  doesn’t only provide you awesome look, but beyond than that, there are plenty of functions which are inserted inside covered with luxury. Talking about luxury and modern design, you can look at some representative sofa bed sheets ideas that are worth to own to make your retreat even more livable!
maroon stripe patterned sofa bed sheets full size with long tube pillow added as the backrest sofa bed sheets – representative furniture for modern retreat
A nice interior design is the one that succeeds your plan to have beautiful mixture of many colors. Yeah, looking at a fresh interior with gorgeous green accent is truly stunning to feel like standing in the middle of thick forest in the morning with dew poured on to your face. Yeah, it must be cold, but it is just awesome to touch such kind of natural appeal. Wooden siding aside the green accent defines another joy together with the red maroon stripe patterned sofa bed that play like the bloom in the garden. It is unique with long tube pillow added as the backrest. There is no excuse to not embrace the lovely white pink floral cushions attached on it. Would you ignore it?
red leather tufted queen sofa bed sheets design in convertible style sofa bed sheets – representative furniture for modern retreat
The previous design is suitable for you with romantic tropical taste, but for you urban people deserving minimalism, those designs is too crowded to calm your mind. Therefore, finding another style is the best way to get into the room comfortably. A red leather tufted sofa bed design can be your best awakening idea to fill the interior with style and comfort. Due to your goal to have a compact sofa design, this red leather sofa is a convertible style. flattening the backrest transforms the sofa into a bed, yeah a comfortable bed to take a nap!
modular sofa bed sheets king design with throw pillow and wooden coffee table sofa bed sheets – representative furniture for modern retreat
Further, a modular sofa design should be a nice idea to work out creating an accessible and functional interior design. sometimes, drawing the coffee table to the sofa will shape a comfortable bed to sleep on. Yeah, the design is purposively made like that to ease you transforming the design from offering sitting function to sleeping function. Isn’t it great? With throw pillow and also sofa bed sheet, there is no need to worry if the cold catch you in the house. don’t worry to fall aside because the design is quite large, so don’t you wanna try?
light gray velvet sofa bed sheets and mattress pads twin size with chaise sofa bed sheets – representative furniture for modern retreat
queen sleeper bed set fabric light grey with cushions sofa bed sheets – representative furniture for modern retreat
queen sleeper sofa bed sheet set with metal legs sofa bed sheets – representative furniture for modern retreat
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French Country Dinning Set Completes Home Decoration

French country dining set is so beautiful and very nice to have. However, many people still do not know what the French country dining set is, and how does it look like. Before we bring this subject further, let’s share a common knowledge about French country styled dining set.
As the name implies, it is coming from France, in the rural area of this country to be exact. Not much information about French country style, but one certain thing about it is that it has been there for several generations. People passed the style down to their younger generation so that we can still enjoy it now. It is very simple at a very first glance but still has a capability to bring in elegance to the room. Although French style comes from old tradition, it can get along with the recently developed things. In home decoration, for instance, we can combine French style with the latest style decoration. This is not going to be a mess. On the other hand, it can be the center of your home decoration.

French Country Dinning Set
French Country Dining Set Decor Interior Inspiration

Style of French Country Dining Set

As written previously, French style is coming from the rural area of France. Dining set with French country style resembles what is coming from the rural area of France. It is simple, but there is no doubt that French country dining set is looking very elegant. This could be very suitable for those looking for something that can bring in simplicity as well as elegance to the home simultaneously.
Where can we find a dining set with French country style? If you are interested to have this kind of dining set, you can go online now. There are so many online furniture stores offering quality finish of dining set wrapped with French country style. We have some names of furniture store worth to check out when searching French country dining set. You might love them all because what we are going to see are the ones who have discounted their product.
The first in our list is eBay. Check on its list of French style dining room, and you will find some appealing products. One of the best offers we can find is French Country 3 Column Dining 48″ Round Dining Table White Distressed 4 chairs. You can enjoy 7% off for this dining set. The recommended seller sign next to the pricetag should be enough to convince you to deal with the store.

French Country Dining Set Decor
price tagCountry Dining Set Decor

The next in the list, we have Overstock. There is nothing to explain about this online store because it has been many people’s choice for years. Check on the dining set section of this online store, and then you will be amazed by how wide the selection this online store has. The best part of visiting this online store is that we can see the sale sign on many products displayed.
So, what do you think? If you need a French Country dining set to complete your home decoration, you should check on those two mentioned online store collections.

French Country Dinning Set Gallery

How to Choose Top Grain Leather Furniture and Sample of It

Top Grain Leather Furniture
Hartwell Brown Top Grain Leather Dining Chair

Top Grain Leather Furniture – There will always be a reason behind something. This includes when people use leather as main material in making furniture. It has been long time ago when people use leather to make furniture for the first time. The basic idea behind using leather as material is that leather is durable and flexible, making it perfect material to make furniture. One of the most common types of leather used in furniture production, top gain leather has been very famous for its quality. Put top grain leather furniture in your living room, and you will find out how top grain leather draws your attention.

Top Grain Leather Sofa and Loveseat Set

Before we talk about sofa set made of top grain leather, it would be better if we learn how to choose top grain leather sofa so next time when we are in need a new sofa, we can find one that can really meet our requirement.
Choosing top grain leather furniture is not easy task. Great diversity in choice can give us real headache. Fortunately, there are some guidelines we can use to make things much easier. All these guidelines will be very useful when you are looking for quality product made of top grain leather.

Top Grain Leather Furniture
Coaster Furniture Tri-tone Burgundy Top Grain Leather Recliner

The first thing we need to consider when shopping for top grain leather sofa and loveseat set is the pigmenting process. There are three common method of pigmenting processes used in the industry. The first one is the aniline. This process involves complete dying process to create a material that is easy to clean and soft. However, the aniline leather is easily stained. In the meantime, semi-aniline offers better resistance against stain thanks to the special coating put on during the dying process. The third one is the pigmented leather. This one has the lowest quality compared to the previously mentioned types, but in term resistance against stain, this one can be the best out of the three.
Top Grain Leather Furniture
Eureka Top Grain Leather Rocker Recliner with Power Recline

When shopping for leather sofa or other leather furniture, we need to be very careful in checking the construction. We should thoroughly check the material of the furniture because there are many furniture made from various types of grain. This kind of furniture is usually tagged with “leather-matched.” Another thing we need to check is the work quality. Make sure that everything is well-constructed and neat.
Top Grain Leather Furniture
Oslo Collection 58-LO3-42-625 Top Grain Leather Swivel Recliner with Ottoman, Putty

In case you have a plan to buy leather furniture, there is one example of it that you may love to see. It is the Princeton Top Grain Leather Sofa Set. This top grain leather furniture is a perfect example of sofa set made of quality top grain leather. This sofa set consists of one sofa and one loveseat. Covered with tri-tone burgundy leather, this sofa set is simply perfect addition to your living room. The densely filled cushions of it can make you feel so great while sitting. Coziness and class are things that this sofa can promise to you. Put this sofa set in your living room, and see how it turn your living room into the center of attention of your home.
Top Grain Leather Furniture
Princeton Top Grain Leather Sofa Set