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American Standard introduces 3D Printed Faucet Designs


Creativity meets technology, these two features combination keep the development going. New 3D printed faucet designs from DXV by American Standard offer an update for the way we use water. Not only working as tool used to run the water, it could also work as additional ornament at our home. The 3D printed faucets look so pleasing in the eye.

The incredibly high strength of the alloy enables fine structures of concealed waterways that converge at the top, shortly before reaching the aerator. This construction creates the impression that water appears magically out of the faucet.

The visionaries of American Standard on the 3D printed faucet of the company.


There are three unique designs of 3D printed faucets offered by American Standard. The first design is the one that has complex latticework that gives sculptural looking design to the faucet. Next in the company’s new faucet design, there is the faucet design with appearance that is more traditional yet still looking beautiful. This faucet comes with four thin part of the waterway. The last one offers a unique shape that focuses on

designing the experience of water



The water is presented to the user as a stream bouncing on rocks in a riverbed. To achieve this poetic effect, the design team used Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) technology to adjust each of the 19 waterways to achieve the proper effect. The rest of the faucet is extremely pure and simple not to distract from the play of the water.

As added by the designers of the faucet.


It needs around 24 hours for the process of a faucet to complete. The process involves a selective laser sintering. Right after the printing process finished, each faucet then gets polished manually to get the similar texture found on silver pieces. If you were interested in having one of them installed at your home, they will hit the market bringing along about $12,000 – $20,000 of the pricetag.

The price seems expensive, but as 3D printing and technology evolve over time, there will be possibility for the price to drop. Let’s hope they will be available with more reasonable price soon.








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