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Acari Chair – Perfect Additional to Almost any Section of the Home

Acari Design Modern Chair

Furniture with unique design keeps on coming to the market, fulfilling either the demand of people with unique characteristic or home with unique design. Here is another furniture with unique design from Italian product manufacturer Binome. Acari comes with sharp vivid color, fat body, and swing-ring resembling appearance. This sculptural chair is consisted of a resin rubber base, oak-wood legs and fiberglass cloth cushions. Though they have skinny appearance, the legs can support the chair’s fat body firmly along with a person who sits on it, does not matter child or adult.

Acari Ideas Modern Chair

To add the cosines while sitting on the Acari, the manufacturer has added removable cushions along with the backrest. Other than the design and cosines, Acari chair also offers easy maintenance. We do not need extra efforts as well as tools and cleaning solution to keep the chair clean. Easy maintenance is enough. We only need damp cloth to rub the chair, while the cushions are removed and cleaned using machine. The best thing about Acari chair is that we can put it in almost anywhere in our home. This includes outside as outdoor furniture. Acari chair comes with various options of color that suits for almost any section at your home.

Acari Modern Chair Design

Acari Modern Chair with Cushion

Acari Modern Chair with Fiberglass  Cloth Cushions

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