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Amazing Underbed Storage Drawer Design

Great Inspiration Underbed Storage Drawers Underneath in red Color

Why use under-bed storage drawer? Nowadays you can't live in a castle where the rooms are super big and you can put many cabinets here and there. Most houses and apartments now have humble sized bedrooms, in which the biggest furniture would be the bed. Naturally, it’s getting hard and hard to find the space to store your stuff! Hence, the underbed storage system becomes popular. After all, it is better to utilize that dark space under your bed, right?

Creative Design of Underbed Storage Drawers ideas with Wooden Desk and Headboard

You can have a drawer under your bed by two means: first is to install a custom conventional drawer with slides (or buy a bed that’s already has storage drawer installed altogether); and second would be choosing to buy individual drawers with wheels.

Sleek and Awesome Under the Bed Drawers with Storage Ideas

The first option would be the ideal choice because it fits in perfectly with your bed, but this option is often expensive. Meanwhile, the second option is a great choice for people with limited budget yet still wants to have storage bin under their bed. The style of underbed drawers on wheels is limitless, and you can find various types of them on the market already.

But then again, when we consider storage places, it doesn’t always have to be drawers, right? If you’re one of the people who like to use the storage as a place to put decorative items or books or even slippers; then you should go for shelves or cubbies under your table! This won’t save you from dusts, but with proper maintenance and arrangement these kinds of shelves can actually make your room prettier!

Three Underbed Storage Drawers in White Color

Last but not least, there’s a lift up frame. I think this option is a bit on the expensive side, especially if you’re searching for a lift-up bed frame that’s easy to lift and reach. Typically they tilt at the bottom and there will be a mechanism that allows the user to raise the bed’s position. I don’t think this one is a good choice, so I recommend going with underbed storage drawers and shelves.

Natural Wooden Six Storage Drawers Under Bed

Natural Wood Ash Underbed Storage Drawers for Cloths

Friendship Mill Collection Underbed Storage Drawers with Wheels

Double Wooden Underbed Storage Drawers

DIY Ideas of Wooden Under Bed Storage Drawers