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Bali Cellular Shades Product Details

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Have you ever experienced buying a new window treatment for your home but ended up with regret because, in a few days, it just broke and did not work. Okay, you just need to send the product back to the store and get a replacement. Do you think it is an effective solution? Reinstalling blinds is really a hassle and not everyone wants to deal with that. Why don’t you think about purchasing Bali cellular shades? These shades are also often called as honeycomb blinds. They have been hitting the markets for years and more people to start using cellular shades. They offer some benefits that other types of blind do not. Here are some benefits of this product that might make you interested in using it.

soft bali blinds idea for living rooms bali cellular shades product details

Let’s start with the benefits first. Cellular shades keep the home warm during the winter season and cool the temperature when summer comes. The cold and hot air from the outside is trapped in the cells when passing through the shades. As a result, it won’t influence the temperature inside, keeping you stay comfortable in home no matter what the weather is like outside. This also has something to do with saving your energy bills. There is a tip is installing the shades in winter. It is better to mount them a few inches away from the glass to circulate the air. In this way, ice won’t build up.

Bali Cordless Celluar Shades Sun Up and Sun Down Bali Cellular Shades Product Details

If there are children in your house, it is recommended to use cordless cellular shades. Kids like to run around the house. The cords can harm them. With cordless cellular shades, it will be safer. There are no strings hanging, so this cordless style looks cleaner and simpler. In addition, the shades are quite easy to install. Everyone just can do that. Usually, it just takes about one hour.

light filtering bali cellular shades with pendant lamp for dining room bali cellular shades product details

Bali is known as a company that produces cellular shades. One of the products is Bali Light Filtering Vertical Cellular Shades. Like cellular shades in general, it is made with energy efficiency in mind. The design combines a side-opening and light-filtering privacy. These cellular shades are good for used in just any rooms where privacy is required without blocking total light. They are available in several different fabrics a wide range of colors. It will ease you to match it with other window treatments from Bali. The shades are equipped with locking handles and a detachable rail on each side.

red diamond cell cellular shades bali cellular shades product details

Cellular shades come in two types; single and double cell shades. For better insulation, the double cells are more recommended. Besides, they have a better ability to absorb sound. For the fabrics, there are also numerous options like woven, crisp, sheer or soft polyester. If you want superb soft cellular fabric, consider Diamond Cell Cellular Shades. The fabric is not only soft but it is tremendously durable that it can last longer. So, it can be concluded that cellular shades are great options for those who want privacy using high-quality window treatment. They are really worth investing.

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