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Bamboo Roman Shades: Using its Potentials!

Woven Wood And Bamboo Blinds For French Doors Target

We’ve always stressed the importance of your windows in any room. We personally believe that you can really alter the whole room simply by changing the way your window looks. One of the most important parts would be the covering. While many people choose the standard curtain, why don’t you consider Bamboo Roman Shades?

Luxury Bamboo Shades With Blackout Liner With Custom Design Ideas

Many people asked if the bamboo blinds can give you a privacy. In some degree, yes. But, if you’re looking for total privacy then we recommend getting bamboo shades with liners. The downside of using these liners would be the obvious less sunlight in your room. That said, most people are fine with the bamboo roman blind as it is.

The secret of getting the best out of your bamboo shades would be combining them with curtain. It may sound like extra cash, but with the proper arrangement it would be a perfect combo!

Brown Bamboo Vertical Blinds For Sliding Glass Doors From Ikea

For example, for bedrooms with one small window you can create an illusion of having a big; end-to-end window by adding curtain to cover the walls next to the window and use the bamboo shades for the window. It works great! Trust us! Of course, you need to have a non-see through curtain for this.

Stunning Cordless Bamboo Roman Shades Sale Home Depot In Dining Room

Bamboo roman shades works perfectly in almost any room. We particularly love to put in on the living room windows. We have four windows there, all use the roman style shades so that it folds like layers when opened, giving a nice touch of natural feeling. Alternatively, you can also use the ones that roll, especially if you want to emphasize on the header or the trim of your window.

Beautiful Bamboo Roman Shades For French Doors Home Depot

Bamboo Roman Shades With Privacy Liner With Window Dressing Designs

Bamboo Roman Shades With Blackout Liner Ideas Photograph From Walmart

Bamboo Roman Shades Tahiti-Green Tea For Sliding Glass Doors Lowes

Those are some of the ideas we used in our house for bamboo roman blind and shades. How about you? Care to share ideas? Write some comments under!d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);