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Bathroom Storage Tower – From Accessible to Space Saver

Storage Tower Bathroom –  It is the most essential furniture that all interior needs. Yeah, a house with no furniture will be so messy and uncomfortable. Adding storage means giving you the chance to maintain the interior better by loading some stuff inside the furniture. It will be helpful because all the things that you own in the house will be well organized. Not only in the living room or bedroom, but bathroom becomes the one the requires storage the most. Some bathroom storage towers show you how to have an accessible and space saver design.

ladder storage tower for bathroom in scandinavian style bathroom storage tower – from accessible to space saver

Let’s start the show from the very unique and stylish one! It is a magical storage idea that fills a bathroom with adorable bright tone, coral color. Yeah, it must be the most wanted color idea in the end of 2015. It is held retro but sometimes you will find it often applied in Scandinavian style. no matter the interior theme is, but you need to know that a coral colored ladder storage tower is the bathroom shares awesome look with plenty of slots to load the goods. Some slots are full of storage bins while the rest are left empty. It fits your towel, toiletries and also some decoration. Do you want to take it home?

bathroom storage tower – fromwhite bathroom tower design with long cabinetry in the vanity section and looks perfect with glass accent accessible to space saver

The next bathroom tower design is the one which is cool inserted within a long cabinetry in the vanity section. Yeah, it stands from the cabinet top up to the ceiling just like a tower. The design looks perfect with glass accent that exhibits everything inside the storage while the top one is closed by slapped doors. White is perfect color choice, and you can add it into some bathroom interior design ideas. How do you like it in your own bathroom?

bathroom storage tower – from wooden bathroom tower cabinet with double wall mirror accessible to space saver

Pleasing natural tone, you can have the one which is made of wooden material. Yeah, it is no different from the cabinet where the design sticks to. The cabinet is all furnished wooden stuff with unique carved detail on the surface. Double wall mirror added gives awesome feeling just like the one in classical style in the Victorian era. In its tall design, the bathroom tower storage consists of only two doors that cover all the racks inside. It seems to minimize the use of more material in the design. It looks slim and adorable to fit any bathroom detail. Even in a minimalist design, I guess it will be the best guests ever!

bathroom storage tower – fromtall bathroom linen cabinet white with glass doortall bathroom linen cabinet white with glass doors accessible to space saver

bathroom storage tower – from unique and stylish bathroom tower storage idea with adorable bright tone accessible to space saver

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