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Brilliant Light Fixtures for Kitchen Design

A great kitchen always has well thought-out lighting fixture idea. Light has been crucial part of contemporary kitchen interior. By employing excellent lighting idea, you can be more productive to cook delicious foods for your family. Also, having a kitchen with perfect lighting makes the interior more attractive and enjoyable to visit. Right now, we are going to give you various kitchen designs that are prettified with stunning light fixtures for kitchen. Hope you enjoy the photos in this post’s gallery.

elegant white kitchen island with two classic crystal chandeliers and retro wooden stools

We will start with an amazing white kitchen in this starting image. The creator brings retro idea to this kitchen very well. Right in the center, a sturdy white kitchen island serves a wonderful focal point. This island design also looks even more gorgeous with its retro wooden stools. Just above the island, the kitchen demonstrates stunning lighting idea. The homeowner installed two impressive crystal chandeliers. The classic chandeliers also have white glass shades with aesthetic style. Furthermore, the classic design of these decorative chandeliers enhances the retro image in this adorable kitchen.

modern kitchen island design with three track pendant lights and black engineered wood storage

A dramatic kitchen is shown for the next image. This kitchen doesn’t have too large spaces, but it still has great layout. The kitchen employs modern mosaic tile backsplash in various color shades. The storage is also functional as well as elegant. Some sleek wall storage with black engineered wood base is installed above the backsplash. A big recessed shelf is included as well. Take a look at the ceiling and you will be impressed with stunning light fixtures.

The ceiling appears so gleaming and decorative using dozens of incandescent bulbs mounted to the ceiling surface. Just over the granite kitchen island in the center, the owner added three track pendant lights. Each light comes with opal lampshade and metallic wires. These track lights bring stylish yellow illumination to make a restful ambience. In this kitchen, the cabinetry gets nice lighting as well. They are equipped with under cabinet lights that make the workstation more enjoyable and bright.

ultra modern large kitchen island with brilliant lighting fixture and massive wood storage

Jump to the last photo, a quite large kitchen is shown. It has high ceiling and massive wood storage. The most captivating element of the kitchen is the brilliant lighting fixture. You will see several led lights accessorize the kitchen island and the cabinetry. Meanwhile, the ceiling appears so decorative with the modern drum shade lamps positioned in strategic spaces of the kitchen. What a good idea about light fixtures for kitchen!

sleek kitchen island design with granite countertop and decorative hanging lamp