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Broyhill Furniture Reviews

Broyhill Furniture Reviews – Nowadays, the development of furniture is growing rapidly; there are available so many furniture design and style for customers. There is no doubt that the need of furniture is increasing, and it is because much more request from customers, and it will attract the attention of furniture retailers. One of the best furniture companies is Broyhill Furniture. Broyhill is one of the oldest furniture companies, and this is the best known as American Brands. Broyhill is also had a high level of name recognition. The manufacture was started in 1905, and there is continue to grow up until in the present with extensive product. This company is also including the contract divisions. Actually, Broyhill furniture is incorporated with Heritage Home Group.

Heritage Home Group LLC is the formerly Furniture Brands International Inc. This is the home furnishing in Clayton, Missouri. Broyhill is one of the famous furniture companies that incorporated. Broyhill Furniture is offering a vast variety of collection and style for every room in your home, so that you can find all of the best furniture in this place. You can also make it suitable with your home-style. Don’t worry about the quality of furniture and price, because Broyhill is offering high-quality furniture with affordable price. If you want to get more information about Broyhill Furniture, there are some reviews from some people. Some people may have pros and some other has cons opinion. This is the usual something in the world of business, because every people have a different opinion.

Broyhill Furniture Reviews Quality

Broyhill Furniture Reviews Quality

Pros and Cons of Broyhill Furniture Reviews

Pros :

  • Tom W; He has posted his review on September 29, 2010,and he said that he was purchased the chair from Broyhill furniture almost three years now. He is very satisfied with Broyhill Furniture, because he gets the best chair that durable and comfortable to use. The size of this chair is large, so that it is good enough to support his legs and when you seat in this chair, you will get the comfortable.
  • Ellen; she has posted her review on August 12th,2013,and she said that, she is really satisfied with Broyhill furniture. She has purchased a table, and the design of thetable is nice and cute. the table is  made form high-quality material, so that it is durable. The texture of the table is also good, and she wants to recommend Broyhill to each other.
  • Nomdeplume; she as posted her review on February 8th,2011, and she said that the coffee table‘s that she purchases form Broyhill furniture is solid and easy to assemble. She’s glad to found this coffee table furniture, the color is really beautiful and work well with the variety of the other wood, and it also gives the prefect shade in the living room. Broyhill is also giving free delivery service; of course this is the advantages for customers.
Broyhill Dining Room Furniture Reviews

Broyhill Dining Room Furniture Reviews

Cons :

  • Terry D Janes; he has posted his review on December 6th,2013. He said that he is really disappointed with Broyhill furniture. it is because, 3 years ago, his wife was bought the leather chair from Broyhill, and there ispeeling off, revealing itself as afake. His wife paid nearly $300, and he has complained to the Broyhill furniture by sending an email, but Broyhill asked him to call the wrong number, and there is no response from Broyhill Furniture anymore.
  • R Gulledge; he has posted his review on September 23rd 2010, and he has a problem with shoddy cylinder, there is constantly sinking to the lowest level.

Images: peelroom.com, broyhill-furniture.com.