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Build Elegant Suite with North Shore Bedroom Set

North Shore Master Bedroom Set – Our taste affects our decoration. Without a doubt, taste plays a very important role in home decoration. It can be our path that leads to decoration idea. People may think that budget plays the biggest part in home decoration, but it would be nothing without taste. North shore bedroom set is the evidence of how taste plays it role in home decoration. The combination between dark brown color and detail of craft can make your bedroom looks classier. Only those with classy taste could see this combination interesting. Through this bedroom set, we can tell that Ashley Home Store knows how to satisfy customers with great taste. Now, Ashley Home also makes the higher end of the North Shore bedroom set available. This line is called with Millennium. It is available for every line of the store’s North shore set, which icludes Sleigh, Panel, and Poster Bedroom Sets.

North Shore Bedroom Set Ashley Furniture

North Shore Bedroom Set Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture North Shore Bedroom Collection

Speaking about Ashley Home Store’s North Shore bedroom set, it is closely related to very detail artwork. We should take a look at how the detailed carvings to be a standout feature on each piece of the set. Along with the cedar and or felt lining the drawers, the bedroom set looks to be very classy addition to our bedroom. If you had great taste in home decoration, then Ashley Furniture’ North Shore Bedroom Set collections seem to be something worth to consider.

The Ashley Furniture North Shore Poster Bedroom Set – this one has four tall wood posts surrounding the bed and a metal canopy topping them, plus a headboard with leather decoration. This ashley furniture north shore poster bedroom set is tagged at $3,279.89 with Free Shipping at Furniture Barrel. The store is also ready to give something tailored to our need, which means we can make custom order. What makes this better is that it comes with more affordable price. The basic set includes the King North Shore Poster Bed, Nightstand, Dresser and Mirror.

The Ashley Furniture North Shore Sleigh Bed Set – Just like the poster bed, this one comes with fancy headboard. Shore sleigh bed set also features carved footboard and case goods. Check this model at Queen, King or California King. For the Millennium line of this bedroom set, you should check it at Furniture Barrel, where this model is on sale at $2,519.89. The price covers the basic set that is including Queen Sleigh Bed, Nightstand, Dresser and Mirror. Just the same as what the Poster set offers, we can make custom order. From the basic set, we can add the other pieces. The store, again, shows its generosity by cutting off the price for the deal.

North Shore Bedroom Set King

North Shore Bedroom Set King

The last in North shore bedroom set of Ashley Furniture: Panel Bedroom Set is another elegant product we should consider. We can build a bedroom suite based from this set because it has decorative crown and beautiful carvings featured on its body. The basic set of the panel model is tagged at $2,389.89. This price includes the Queen Bed, Nightstand, Dresser and Mirror.

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