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Country Living Room Furniture for Your Home

If you want to bring a cozy, comfy, and traditional look to your home you should look for country living room furniture. Living room is one of the most special rooms in every home as family usually spends most of their time in the room. Children play their game, father watching his favorite sport game on TV, mother enjoying her tea breaks while grandfather leisurely enjoying reading newspaper on his rocking chair, all are good memories people relate to when thinking about cozy country living room.

Country Living Room Ideas

Of course in order to be able to enjoy being in the room you have to fill it with comfortable country living room furniture. In addition according to wisegeek.com in order to be able to create a beautiful country living room in your home you have to coordinate the size, space, as well as the country living room furniture such as pine chair, tables and cabinets and mix it to look informal yet stylish.

The choice of color scheme is also important to set the tone of the room. It’s recommendable to go for vivid primary color such as blue, yellow, red or green or maybe darker yet richer shades of these colors. Besides those colors you can also go for softer, romantic color such as pink to make create a country living room look.

Western Living Room Furniture

For the choice of country living room furniture you have to look for furniture with similar style to create sense of harmony in the room. There is a tip from wisegeek.com to get the entire furniture in one country style furniture store to avoid getting different furniture styles that will make the living room look messy and cluttered. In addition, by buying a lot of furniture in one store you also ask for discount rate, a good bargain.

Country Cottage Living Room Furniture

To help you further in your hunt to find the right country living room furniture for your home here we provide you tips and instructions based on information we gather from some trusted websites such as doityourself.com and aboutfurniture.com. Here is the instruction:

  • Pay attention to comfort: Beautiful yet uncomfortable living room will become a cold room that is hardly visited with smile by your family. Focus on buying comfortable furniture such as large sofa or couch as the focus of the living room and then place the rest of decoration and furniture around it.
  • Choose natural earth tones for the color scheme. Natural color tone is perfect to recreate a simple yet comfortable country living room. Our recommendation is to choose a color pallet for the furniture one or two shades darker from the main background color pallet. For example if your furniture colors are red then the main background color has to be lighter, pink for example.
  • Other tip from us is to try mix colors and patterns. The key to a cozy country living room is to make it as casual as possible. Feel free to mixes all kind of patterns, colors and textures to get the tone you want from a living room.

 Country Living Room Furniture Design Ideas :

Country Living Room Furniture Ideas

Casual Country Living Room Furniture

Country Living Room Furniture Sets


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