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Interesting Crank Table Designs by Vintage Industrial


When skill meets technology, then the only thing we will find is a wonderful result. Vintage Industrial proves it through its industrial tables that come with incredibly beautiful design while also offering great functionality at the same time. As described by the manufacturer, “all item is meticulously created using a blend of modern technology & old-world craftsmanship, with unusual custom tailoring accessible to seamlessly synchronize with the personal needs of every individual owner.”


The first in this article of Vintage Industrial’s industrial table is the Bronx Crank Table. The design involved more than 200 rivets and bolts, couple of massive 5-ton screw mechanisms and two 12″ crank wheels. The last-mentioned parts allow the users to enjoy adjustable table’s top height feature from 30” dining height to 42” bar height. This table can easily be the center of attention at anywhere it is placed.

crank-table-designs-bronx-crank-table-with-couple-of-massive-5-ton-screw-mechanisms-and-two 12”-crank-wheels



The next one is the IndustriaLux Crank Table. Still with the same tough appearance as the Bronx Crank table; this table also offers adjustable table’s top height feature from 30” dining height to 42” bar height using the table’s 8” crank wheel. The elegance touch of the IndustriaLux Crank Table comes from the brass finish. Great thing about this table is that it comes with two finish options to allow you to play with the decoration easily. They are the aged finish and high gloss color.



The third one is a table called with the Hure Crank Table. It comes along with sturdy looking design as the previous two tables discussed earlier. The company also added adjustable table top height, just like its two siblings, but this time the Phoenix-based furniture manufacturer decided to equip it with four 3-ton crank mechanisms. They will allow the users to enjoy adjusting the table top height from 30” dining to 42” bar height easily. This table can be another solution to those who look for something that can complete the interior decoration.




So, which one of the tables from Vintage Industrial can really draw your attention? Take a look at them carefully, and check once more if you still could not make up your mind.