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Creative Block Furniture Resembling the Shape of Blocks Game

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Creative Block Furniture – Childhood will always be something great to remember. Perhaps, this is what makes the two Swedish-based designers, Erik Olovsson and Kyuhyung Cho work together. The result of their collaboration is uniquely designed furniture that could fit in many decorations. They designed some furniture pieces inspired from the old building with blocks game. The material used for this furniture pieces is plywood with matt lacquer finish. They are 25 different stackable blocks with the ability to house many things, which include books, shoes, scarves, sunglasses, suitcases or mugs.

Creative Block Furniture Room Collection System Furniture

Its flexibility and space-friendly size are undeniably great. It does not matter how we stack them they would appear delicately thanks to their creatively designed shape. We can stack them horizontal or vertical. This allows us to create decoration tailor especially to our need or fit in the room’s size. The designers have given us a freedom to choose between options. Through their collaboration, we can get a chance to have a very creative additional area in our room to house things. These playful furniture pieces can really be huge help to those who want to appear more neatly and more well organized. So, what do you think about these block furniture?

Creative Block Furniture Playful Furniture to Stimulate Your Creativity

Creative Block Furniture Block Furniture Enhancing Creativity

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