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Cylindrical 3D Coffee Table Set with Adjustable Height Feature

3D Coffee Table and Stools Closed Posttion

In furniture world, we would never run out of talented person who will keep innovating and making new thing. Martin Gallagher is the perfect example for that. Martin designed a coffee table set that is great both in functionally and aesthetically. The 3D coffee table set represents modern life with the design that can fit very well with modern living. This is very important thing as space has turned into issue in modern living. The coffee table set of Martin Gallagher offers space efficiency, but still brings its full functionality.

3D Coffee Table Set by Martin Gallagher

Coming with cylindrical forms, the coffee table of Martin Gallagher could turn into your favorite spot in your home. This 3D coffee table is aesthetically appealing piece of furniture with adjustable height and overall scale as additional feature. The only thing we need to adjust the height is adding or reducing the amount layers of plywood. The stools are coming with beautiful color too. Another great thing about this is that we can have a chance to order Birch plywood colored seats that we can use as side table. This means that we will get an extra functionality in one coffee table set. So, are you interested to have this 3D Coffee Table Set?

3D Coffee Table Set Detail

Coffee Table with Integrated Stools Red

Coffee Table with Integrated Stools

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