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The journey of J&J Furniture started when Bob Jones along with his father O.R. Jones opened a showroom sized around in 8 Mile Alabama in 1967. The dedication to the job brought the company to higher level. Now, J&J Furniture is huge furniture company contributing of great decoration to many homes around Gulf Coast region. At J&J Furniture<, we will see wide range of selection of furniture. This can help us to find product that fits our requirements. Other than that, J&J Furniture also provides furniture from various brands. This gives a chance to those who have been a fan of a brand to get furniture from their trusted company more easily.

J&J Furniture Pensacola Fl

J&J Furniture Pensacola Fl

Speaking about price, J&J Furniture tries to make it as competitive as possible, but at the same time still uses the standard price used by the local store. J&J Furniture has four showrooms that are ready to help customers to find furniture to complete their home. This company has been serving the need of quality of furniture for middle Gulf Coast region for decades.

Is diverse selection of styles of furniture at J&J Furniture the only thing we can enjoy? In order to answer this question easier, you should visit the website of it. Everything you would see on the website that is what you will enjoy. It means that J&J Furniture only features things they can serve perfectly to customers. Room planner is the perfect example of it. When you cannot find out how to make your room perfect, this design tool can be the best solution for you. Room planner can make customers to create the right plan for their home easier. You can drag and drop furniture on the left menu to the plan sheet, and manipulate it. It also allows us to see detailed information about the item by clicking the “i” button. Its user-friendly features make the process much easier. At the end of the process, we can envision how the room would look like with this room planner. Another positive aspect of this tool is that it is compatible with many types of mobile device. This gives us chance to create decoration and room planning anytime we want.

J&J Furniture also provides its potential customers with great financing options, which is including the free interest options. The company allows the customer to finance their plan to buy furniture from J&J Furniture through third party. For conventional financing options, J&J Furniture accepts cash and credit cards.

J & J Furniture Yolasite

J & J Furniture Yolasite

So, what do you think? J&J Furniture has tried to offer the best it could to customers so that the customers would be satisfied with both the product and the service. The room planner tool gives us chance to create our own design, while giving us a picture of how our room would look like. It makes shopping for the furniture at J&J Furniture very easy. Experience how easy it is to find the right furniture at J&J Furniture by visiting the local showrooms around your area.


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