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Eco-Friendly Shipping Pallet Kitchen Table Ideas Make Awesome Statement

There are more people who get interested with pallet furniture. The price tends to be affordable; everyone can even make it by himself or herself easily. Pallets are available in various sizes, this allows a person to create any kind of furniture, including kitchen table. If you want to give unique and warm touch to your kitchen, then add the space with a table made from pallet. Pallet kitchen table will be a simple piece to make big statement.

rectangular pallet dining table with old lantern and wooden chairs

You may be asking about the place to get pallets. Well, you can take them from a business place after getting permission. Some businesses are even willing to give the eco-friendly materials to everyone for free, without any charge at all. Meanwhile, some manufactures recycle them into commercial products. Make sure to get high-quality shipping pallets, especially those which are made of hardwood to ensure the durability of the kitchen table you’ll make. If necessary, take your experienced friend with you when choosing the materials.

long narrow pallet dining table with wooden bench in dining room

It really doesn’t matter if you are not an expert in home project. Just have courage to make a shipping pallet kitchen table by using simple carpentry tools, like hammer, saw, nails and sandpaper. If the end result is not too perfect, then you may adorn it with bottle vases of flowers or other inexpensive decorative items. Another way to enhance the piece is by painting it in your favorite color. Take a look at each picture displayed to get the best inspiration.

You must be fascinated with this stunning, rectangular shipping pallet table. The furniture stands so confidently on the wooden floor of a spacious kitchen. Although embracing minimalist design, the table also evokes rustic charm. A wooden bench and a gray upholstered bench accompany the piece, so the kitchen owners can use it for enjoying meals and coffee comfortably. Installed behind the breakfast area is a counter fusing with astonishing shipping pallet backsplash.

A pallet kitchen table is very versatile because it can fit any space. One of the best ideas, however, is placing the piece on the corner of a room or kitchen to set a relaxing breakfast nook. Paint the table in white if you want to bring a lovely nuance there. A wooden L-shaped bench with comfy pads and pillows will be nice complements for the furniture. Shipping pallets may appear as ugly and useless materials, but creativity can transform them into awesome furniture!

wooden L-shaped bench with comfy pads and white pallet dining table

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