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Elegant Style Bathroom Vanities Long Island

Vanity Fair Bath with Vintage Bathroom Vanity Collection

There are many reasons to have a bathroom vanity. Nobody likes a bathroom that looks cluttered, whether you live in Long Island, Mississippi or anywhere in United States. This furniture piece is a great way to keep everything organized, and it can show off your personality too!

This time around we are going to give you some inspirations and ideas for bathroom vanities in Long Island. There are several ways you can choose your vanity, depending on your household condition and your lifestyle.

Elegant and Classic Style Double Kohler Bathroom Vanity Long Island

First, the family-friendly settings. The most common setting for a bathroom would be the family bathroom. This means that the bathroom is used by you and also your kids. Therefore, lots of storage places are needed to keep all the toothbrushes, towels, bath toys, etc.

Second, there’s the display bathroom. The display bathroom is typically used for guest bathroom. For this kind of bathroom you can place a vanity that has transparent shelves so that you can put lots of pretty and decorative items to make the bathroom gorgeous.

Bathroom Renovation with French Elegance Style for Master Bathroom with Vanity in Long Island

Third, we have the simplicity bathroom. This kind of setting is perfect for all bachelors out there who are busy and have little time to spare in their bathroom. The vanity here should be compact and easy to use with fewer shelves. Simple organizing is the key, and by having this kind of furniture allows you to quickly finish your business and go on with your life!

Last but not least, the vanity for luxurious bathroom. For a lux bathroom you need to pick the ones that comes with premium design. It doesn’t always have to have Victorian style, because what’s most important is to match the vanity with the overall design.

Sleek and White Bathroom Vanities Long Island with Double Vanities Tub by DeCesare Design Group

To find the perfect bathroom vanities in Long Island, you need to consider the height of the people that will use the vanity. You should also imagine placing a mirror placed above the vanity, and make sure that you will be able see your whole face. Here’s a lifehack tip: if you can’t find the perfect height, simply buy the perfect piece and hack the leg!

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