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Escea Offers Gas Fireplace Controlled by Smart Phone

Escea Gas Fireplace Escea Fireplace Remoted by Smart Phone

Smart phone starts to become an integral part to our life. Every time we woke up at the morning, the first thing we do is checking the smart phone just in case there was message we do not notice. It easily turns into tool to find information too. We can get information we need just within in a blink of an eye thanks to fast internet connection. Now we can enjoy another benefit of being smart phone user through a fireplace we can control from the distance using smart phone. The creative force behind this creation is the gas fireplace manufacturer Escea.

Escea Gas Fireplace Black Framed Fireplace in White Kitchen and Dining Room

As popular gas fireplace manufacturer, the Escea is responsible to create something more innovative so clients can be satisfied with the product. Adding this innovative feature into the product could mean the manufacturer has done a great work in fulfilling the clients’ demand of feature that can make their life easier. The fireplace control comes with various additional features, which are including variety of heat outputs, various modern fascia designs, and a variety of fuel effects including black and white coals, New Zealand River Rock and Logs, stones and driftwood. So, are you interested to have a fireplace completed with control from distance feature?

Escea Gas Fireplace Wall Mount Fireplace in the Living Area

Escea Gas Fireplace Escea Fireplace Controlled by Smart Phone

Escea Gas Fireplace Brown Couch with Long Fireplace Remoted by Smart Phone