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Fancy Malm Fireplace Decoration Ideas

Cool Retro Malm Fireplace

If you’re into modern interior design and need a fireplace, products from Malm can be one of your options. The fireplace is an essential part of a family room because it can bring families together to enjoy the warmth, especially during winter season.

The fireplace was typically had a very traditional look, but recent development in modern houses makes it a bit hard to incorporate the traditional fireplace to the simplistic style of modern houses. Luckily, we managed to found one brand that can do just that!

Modern Convenient Malm Gas Fireplace

Malm, which is famous as one of the original makers of freestanding fireplace is a California-based company that has a pretty long history. It was first founded in the 50s as a sheet metal manufacturer. At first the company started to produce fireplace simply as a something they would do on the weekend as a hobby. But now their fireplace is already popular across the globe because fireplace itself is an amazing device that can radiate the heat much more efficiently compared to the traditional fireplace.

Vintage Malm Fire Drum Fireplace Woodburning Free Standing

What’s more, the current simplistic design of the Malm fireplace is really suitable with recent trend of modern interior design. It has a gorgeous look, and people can see the fire from various angles. Many of the home designers in the world utilize the freestanding fireplace from Malm as the focal point of the room. It’s understandable because the company creates lots of color variation for their fireplace. If you're interested in putting the freestanding fireplace for outdoor activities, make sure to choose the ones that are made from stainless steel to avoid rust.

White Imperial Malm Carousel Wood Burning Fireplace Free Standing

Inside the room, you can put the colorful fireplace at the corner of the room. Choose interesting colors that accentuate the room if you're planning to make it as the focal point. Many interior designers think that it’s the best way to go because it is commonly accepted that the Malm fireplace brings not only warmth but also prestige.

Red Malm Fireplace Porch for Outdoor} else {