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Fold Yard – Cubicle with Ability to Improve the Productivity and Changing the Decoration

Fold Yard Open Office System by Benoit Challand

It is true that square box shaped of cubicle looks so nice and neat, but it can be so boring sometimes. Is there any solution to make the workspace looks more appealing? Speaking about how to make the workspace more aesthetically appealing, we have some great options available to change the looks of the workspace. One of them is the Fold Yard. This one comes out from the creativity of French 3D artist and illustrator, Benoit Challand. The concept is to replace the neat box cubicle with alphabetical-shaped cubicle. We might not see the alphabetical workspace when working at it, but it will be clearly showing its shape when we see it from above.

Fold Yard Typographic Office Desks  by Benoit Challand

The idea of creating the alphabet cubicle is no other than to improve the productivity of the people working at the office. This has been big issue for companies. They feel that there is something at the workspace they can change so the employee can work enjoyably at the office, and subsequently affects the result. Replacing the cubicle can be a great solution for companies in the search of way out in improving the employees’ productivity.

Fold Yard Open Office System with Alphabet Cubicle

Fold Yard is expected to give huge effect the productivity of the employee working at the office. The typographically shaped cubicles may change the atmosphere in the workspace that subsequently improving the quality and productivity of the employee. In term of feature enclosed, there is nothing missing in Fold Yard, which means every feature of common office desk is included. In these alphabetical cubicles, we can find storing spaces, partitions, desk space and shelves. So, what do you think about Fold Yard? Are you interested to have this Fold Yard in your office? Replacing the ordinary booth with more aesthetically appealing cubicle might become the solution for your company’s productivity issue.

Fold Yard Alphabetical Cubicles