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Folding Picnic Table Plans For Best Outdoor Meals

It is a great project if you have folding picnic table plans to do with family and friends to make best outdoor meals. It can be done with few tips from Google and some basic tools. You can build a folding picnic table to complete your backyard and increase its functionality.


As we know that a picnic table is basically a stationary table which is also built as a picnic table and still a picnic table. It is quite different from folding picnic table. Folding picnic table allows you to quickly fold it out to serve a picnic table, or convert it to two individual picnic benches. It is more useful to meet your preference that can be different from one to other days. It is also a very handy way to complete your needs especially if you want to sit under a big tree in your backyard.


How To Make DIY Folding Picnic Table Plans

There are some steps you have to do to make your DIY folding picnic table plans. Here we go!

Sketch up the plan

It is important to sketch up the plan first to make this folding picnic table. You can start by adding all dimensions and then the details to your plan. This way will be helpful to make you understand about what you are going to construct before starting.


Starting your plan

You can build with 2 x 4s and 2 x 6s then all nailed and screwed together. You also have to build the lower part of the bench. After finishing screwing it all together, use the same material to build the back of the bench. It should be hinged to bench seat so it can work as a folding picnic table.

Be sure that you construct and attach the arm rests to the back section of the bench. This is important to do because it will be the second bench to complete this work.

Give final touch

To enjoy, it will be great for you to add a bit sanding. It is better to use a good quality exterior finish that can deal with bad weather and rain. To do, apply several coats of exterior finish. Enjoy!


By having folding picnic table plans, it can be the best solution to make your backyard valuable and alive. It adds more life there because family and friends can sit together to enjoy their time with you. The most important thing that you have to consider is about investing your money to purchase good quality material. Choose durable wood and other materials that can make your folding picnic table can last for many years. It is a good solution for you to keep your budget low to spend for the next repair and maintenance. We recommend you to do this with your family member since it can be a great fun project to enjoy. Once it is ready, complete it with some accessories such as hanging lamp around it to make it functional especially for afternoon tea.

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