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Formal Living Room Furniture Decoration Ideas

If you are into classic and elegant style for your home decoration you may want to decorate your living room using formal looking furniture. In the process of searching for the right formal living room furniture there is one thing you should understand, as mentioned in wisegeek.com that having a formal living room doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice comfort. Living room is where family spends most of their time together, chatting and sharing stories with their love ones as well as accepting guests thus having uncomfortable furniture for the sake of formality and style is unacceptable.

Traditional Living Room Furniture Sets

According to wisegeek.com there are several things that have to be considered when choosing formal living room furniture for your home. The very first step is to consider the space available in the living room before ordering furniture you like. Avoid over-crowding your living with too many furniture that will make it looks claustrophobic and cluttered. On the other hand placing too little furniture can make a guest feel isolated.

Formal Living Room Furniture Sets

To help you decorate your home with formal living room furniture here we provide some tips and instruction based on information we gather from wikihow.com. Here are the instructions:

  1. The first step is to measure the living room. You can use a yard stick, meter stick or tape measure to find out the width and the length of the living room.
  2. Draw a floor plan. Buying formal living room furniture without planning where to put it is a great mistake. Before you are shopping for any furniture draw a floor plan to make sure there is space available for it.
  3. Consider how you are going to put it in the room. It will only lead to frustration when you decide to buy bulky furniture just to find that it can’t get it through your doorways.
  4. Before go shopping for the detail pieces like vase, and other living room accessories focus your hunt to find the basics such as armchair, sofa, coffee table and side table. Other accessories will have to match the basic furniture in term of style and color to make a decent formal living room.
  5. Go for investment piece to fill in your living room. Always opts for high quality, solid formal living room furniture with sinuous steel spring and sturdy wood frame. Such furniture may cost you more than lower quality one but its durability will prove it as better investment for you. Getting leather furniture is highly recommendable for living room as it provides durability, class and style as well as comfort.
  6. Make sure every piece of furniture you buy complement each other in term of style and theme. Keep it sleek and simple for a formal living room.
  7. Add some accessories to the living room such as flaps top ottomans, chests, extra seating and table to fill some excess space. However don’t go overboard with these accessories to avoid the room looking too busy and un-tidy.

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