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Froc – The Adjustable High Chair Perfect for Children


As we all understand, children cannot just stay put. They will run or just move around without even thinking the aftermath. They can fall when playing or running around their room. Even when sitting, they are not completely in safe state. In the meantime, parents just cannot feel calm knowing that accidents may happen at any time. And based on parents’ worry towards children’s safety, the Slovenia-based family company, Rimarket along with design studio Gigodesign created chair for children. This product is called Froc. As an award winner, what does the Froc try to offer to users? Finish reading this article, and you will find the answer.


Froc won the most innovative furniture product at Ambient. Thanks to its superior stability and natural materials, all the judges at the Slovenia’s biggest furniture fair reward it with big credit that leads to an award. The development of this product is based on the idea to give extra protection for children. This chair for children will allow parents to enjoy better babysitting experience. The manufacturing process of this product took place in Slovenia amidst one of Europe’s most forested region. This flexible high chair is developed especially for playful kids and parents.


Froc is completed with an adjustable mechanism that allows the user to enjoy sitting on the chair comfortably. The seatbelt ensures that the child would not fall. It prevents the user to fall off the chair just because he/she cannot keep the balance, or being restless. We can remove the seatbelt as the child grows. This Frog adjustable high table is suitable for a child the age of 6 months to 10-years old.


Froc comes with a design of a solid leg along with four extensions to support the chair. The designer puts the center gravity of the chair right at the central part of the chair to ensure the chair stays in balanced. As we all know, child will do anything that comes into her/his mind and is unpredictable. The design ensures the chair would not fall when the child moves. Froc comes with €149 of price tag and five color options, which are including green, blue, white, purple, and orange.