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Furniture Consignment Hanover MA

Furniture Consignment Hanover MA is one of the best furniture consignment store in New England. The store provides service to buy and sell excellent selection of quality, unique furniture and accessories for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, and even office. The store history goes way back to over two decades ago in 1992 as a small furniture and antique reseller. Furniture Consignment Hanover MA then developed into a large and trusted furniture consignment store that able to provide the need of citizen across New England for furniture and accessories at bargain price.

The concept of the Furniture Consignment Hanover MA is simple. They provide the service to sell furniture people no longer use and bring lucrative deals to both parties involved. It is no scam; it is just an honest, professional service where the store offers to help you sell your unused furniture at the best price by promoting it at their well known website and their Show Room in Hanover. To do this you just have to contact the store online or visit the show room; it’s really simple and convenience.

Consignment Stores in Hanover MA

The Furniture Consignment Hanover MA can be easily contacted online through its well-known website at www.furnitureconsignment.com or visit it directly at its gallery in 756 Washington St. Rt.53, Hanover, MA 02339. You can also ask for more information by calling this number: 781-826-5114 or fax at 781-829-9805. The store is open every day, Monday to Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM, Sunday from 12 PM to 5 PM and Wednesday from 10 AM to 8 PM.

Furniture Consignment in Massachusetts

To make the shopping experience at the Furniture Consignment Hanover MA even more satisfying you can follow our tips, both for buyers and Consignors, here are the tips we obtained from the official website furnitureconsignment.com:

  1. Check the quality of the item you are interested in before you seal the deals. The items offered at the store are second hand, so expect a few dinks here and there if are not careful in checking the furniture.
  2. Pay attention to the pricing: The pricing at the store consider these factors: Style, manufacturer reputation, original purchase price and also the current condition of the item.
  3. Use the features: There are useful features in the website like “Track this Item” that will inform you whenever the price drop or the “E-mail a Friend” feature to share our favorite item with your friends through e-mail.
  4. Contact the store for item inquiry: Don’t hesitate to ask the store about your favorite furniture to make sure it still hasn’t been sold.
  5. For the prospective consignors, the decision to choose Furniture Consignment Hanover MA is great because the store are promoted heavily online being on top of search engine  such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. The process also done professionally, make it easy and simple for both the consignors and the buyers.

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If you have unused furniture you want to sell just contact the store or send the furniture picture to info@furnitureconsignment.com


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