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Furniture for Studio Apartments Ideas

Furniture for Studio Apartments Ideas – Many people live in big cities such as New York, Tokyo, or London usually has limited space for their home and apartment. However having to live in such a limited space such as a studio apartment, it doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice your comfort and style. Nowadays there are many furniture manufacturers that provide a wide range selection of furniture for studio apartments.

Beds for Studio Apartments

Designers and manufacturers realize the issue that furniture for studio apartments has to maximize limited space available for maximal use and style. This can be achieved by designing furniture with dual function, smaller than usual size, utilizing height to save space as well as modular furniture. By using those specifically designed furniture for studio apartments you can turn your small apartment into a relaxing, comfortable, and inviting living space despite the limitation.

Furniture Designed for Studio Apartments

In order to further help you utilizing furniture for studio apartments here we provide you with some ideas and tips as mentioned by furniture a decoration expert Sara Scweigher at ezinearticles.com. Without much further ado here are the tips and ideas:

  • Selective in choosing items: When choosing what furniture for studio apartments is in and what is out from your studio apartment you have to be really selective. Make sure you only bring the items that actually necessary into the room to prevent it appears cluttered, crowded and small. With such a limited space in a studio apartment you can’t afford the luxury of putting up unnecessary, especially if it takes a lot of space, only for its mere aesthetic value.
  • Select a Theme: Having a small apartment with a lot of furniture with different style and theme will only makes it looks untidy and messy. Makes up your mind and decide on a single theme whether it is contemporary, modern, art deco, classic or Mediterranean. After choosing a theme you can also select the best color scheme for paints and furniture appropriate to the theme.

Furniture for Small Apartments

The main purpose of having a single theme for your apartment is that it can help you create the proper flow in your room. Keep it simple, easy to arrange and looks tidy, warm and uncomplicated.

  • Choose Lighter Shade For Color Scheme: If painting your apartment is allowed by the landlord in your building then you should opt to paint the wall with lighter shade. By choosing the lighter colors such as green, soft pastel shades you can make the apartment appears bigger. Limit the use of darker colors to only for wall accent. Too much use of darker color will make the room looks small and closed in.
  • Space Arrangement and lighting: The use of glass or wood divider can make your studio apartment looks more tidy and functional. Also add proper lighting to make the room looks warm and less crammed. Avoid placing furniture that covers the natural light from the windows. In addition hanging one or two mirror on the wall can also create the impression that the room is bigger than it actually is.

Small Furniture for Studio Apartments


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