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The Best Furniture Stores at Eugene Oregon

If you’re new to this place, it might be a hassle to find furniture stores at Eugene Oregon. Therefore, we are going to help you by listing them in this post, and we are giving you some tips to know what to look for when you are shopping for furniture.

Before we go to the list, let’s talk about some things you should consider beforehand before you pay a visit to furniture stores at Eugene Oregon.

Eugene Oregon Furniture Stores

Eugene Oregon Furniture Stores

  • The Wood

Most furniture have wood element. If you are considering to buy one, you should also consider the type of wood. Solid wood is the most expensive one, with the longest durability. The Veneers are made from affordable wood core, added with several layers of expensive wood. The last one is particle board, which I don’t recommend because it can easily be damaged.

  • Quality of Construction

First, check the wood in the corners. It is best that those parts doesn’t use glue or nails. Check the handle, knobs, drawers and cabinets too. You can easily tell whether they are build with good quality or not.

The legs is an important part you should always check. They should be made of heavy wood, because they are responsible to hold the weight. Luxury furniture would have the legs jointed instead of nailed, and usually they come with the fifth leg in the middle for extra support.

  • Be realistic

You might think a bright green couch is something that will suit your room perfectly, but have you ever wonder about placing the couch after you repaint the walls? When it comes to furniture, you better choose the ones with neutral colors. Another thing to consider is your lifestyle. Is there any small children, dogs or cats? If there is, choose stain-resistant, durable, dark-colored fabrics.

Rifles Home Furniture Albany Oregon

Rifles Home Furniture Albany Oregon

List of Furniture Stores at Eugene, Oregon

As promised, here is the list of furniture stores at Eugene Oregon:

  1. Scan Design Furniture | 856 Willamette St, Eugene | (541) 342-5000 ?| scan-design.com
  2. Brenner’s Furniture | 151 W 8th Ave, Eugene, OR | (541) 345-4451 ? | brennersfurniture.com
  3. Eugene Liquidators Inc. | 2750 Roosevelt Blvd, Eugene, OR ?| (541) 689-3973 ? | eugeneliquidators.net (famous for their used and second hand furniture. They also offer new furniture)
  4. Edgewater Home Furnishings | 155 Division Ave, Eugene, OR ?| (541) 484-1962 | edgewaterfurniture.com (local furniture store, famous for its bookcases, sofas, sectionals)
  5. M Jacobs Fine Furniture | 725 Olive St, Eugene, OR | (541) 342-3311 ?| mjacobsfamilyofstores.com
  6. Rife’s Home Furniture | 150 Oakway Rd, Eugene, OR | (541) 302-9328 ?| rifeshomefurnitureonline.com (is well known for their love seat, recliner, bookcases and armoires)
  7. La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries | 1039 Green Acres Rd, Eugene, OR | (541) 683-1099 ? | la-z-boy.com (the La-Z-Boy base in Eugene, offering recliners, sofas, mattresses)
  8. Edman Furniture | 110 Oakway Rd, Eugene, OR |?(541) 683-1886 ? | edmanfurniture.com (if you’re looking for barbara barry, coburg rd, henredon, and bradington young brands, here’s the place to look)
  9. Bed Bath and Beyond | 95 Oakway Center, Eugene, OR ?| (541) 685-2577 | bedbathandbeyond.com (famous for bed and bathroom related furniture)
  10. Rileys Real Wood Furniture | 2305 W 11th Ave, Eugene, OR | (541) 485-6308 ?| rileysrealwood.com (specialized in cabinets and bedroom sets, made with real wood)

We hope that this list will help you finding the furniture stores at Eugene Oregon.

Images: bravob.com, rifeshomefurnitureonline.com.