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Gandia Blasco’s 2015 Outdoor Catalogue – An Odyssey

An Odyssey Outdoor Furniture Ibiza Architecture with Contemporary Version Vernacular

What would you have in mind when hear about word odyssey? The answer may vary on each person; but something that most people would have in common when asked about odyssey is that it is a long journey. Odosdesign, the Valencia established studio design, came up with idea to propose the romanticism of returning home from a very long journey through a very beautiful design of outdoor furniture included to a catalogue named Gandia Blasco. All the pictures of the pieces taken play a very vital role to be the visual interpretation of the brand’s 2015 outdoor piece collection.

An Odyssey Outdoor Furniture Gandia Blasco Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Why choose Odyssey as its name? The answer is simple; it is to give a visual explanation to the collection. GANDIA BLASCO started to get involved in outdoor furniture for the first time back in 1996, and after years in the industry, the company decided to go back to its essence of creating design of outdoor living. That was how An Odyssey – Back to the islands – Chapter 1 gets chosen to be the name of catalogue of GANDIA BLASCO.

An Odyssey Outdoor Furniture Outdoor Furniture by Gandia Blasco in Islands of Ibiza

From blue Mediterranean, the GANDIA BLASCO started its journey reaching another side of the world while also creating interaction with societies live in there and sharing the point of view. Coasts of the sea all over the Europe and Africa became the inspiration of the catalogue.

An Odyssey Outdoor Furniture Gandia Blasco Outdoor Wooden Living Furniture in Islands of Ibiza

When first hitting the industry, GANDIA BLASCO come with the outdoor collection called Na Xamena. It comes from the need of furnishing Jose A. Gandia Blasco’s home in Ibiza. According to him:

Na xemena exudes Mediterranean spirit based around the lines and the concept of this house, the contemporary version of vernacular Ibiza architecture.

An Odyssey Outdoor Furniture Outdoor Patio Furniture by Gandia Blasco-Mediterranean Identity

Just like the other famous architects would always do when working on a project, Jose A. Gandia Blasco started with a scale model. From that point, the development began to rise. The piece of furniture just kept on coming as the development went. The designer just wanted to show spirit of creating furniture piece that becomes the integral part of the architecture, the furniture piece that becomes an extension of the project while also showing the Mediterranean identity.

An Odyssey Outdoor Furniture Outdoor Furniture in Islands of Ibiza by Gandia Blasco

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