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Good Selections on Oval Dining Room Tables

Dining room table style will depend on your room space and style. People often prefer a long rectangular table if they had spacious room. Otherwise, if you had a smaller interior, using oval dining table will be much better. The oval dining table fits small space better since it generates open plan illusion. Here are some nice images displaying the use of cool oval dining room tables in several home designs. Take a look at them!

nice dining room in yellow wall theme with woden oval dinig table sets and white glass window

This vibrant dining space will be the first thing we discuss. Look at the energetic yellow wall that set passionate mood. The wall even has some aesthetic frames filled with modern artworks. The brightness of the room is also enhanced by the high glass windows in the corner. What is so inspiring in this small dining room is the dining set placed in the center. It uses a small oval table with classic details. This colonial table style has expandable leaves and handsome dark finishing. The laminate top also looks glossy with lacquer coating. This oval dining table also gets such lively centerpiece décor using a glass vase with orchids and artificial fruits.

unique dining room design with unusual oval table with spherical feet and unique IKEA dining chairs

Next we are going to take you to an enjoyable loft dining room. This unique dining room design has gorgeous slanted ceiling with ceiling wood panels and ceiling windows. The uniqueness of this modern dining room is also represented on the dining room furniture. As its centerpiece, an unusual dining table is seen. This oval dining table has spherical feet with modern curves and eccentric wood structure. The wide table top allows you to invite more people to dine together. For your information, unique IKEA dining chairs are included around this gorgeous dining table design with beautiful impression.

Another photo we have here is a formal modern dining room design. The room appears so cozy with the hot pink wall and dim lights. The dining area is set by the windows and includes a gorgeous oval dining table. It is a graceful oval marble table with shiny surface and strong white pedestal leg. The café pendant lights above this table make it so gleaming and delectable. Furthermore, the owner made such lovely contrast between the white oval table and the brown microfiber chairs with metallic frames. Overall, all the oval tables can set outstanding dining areas that not only comfortable but also stylish. Pick your best oval dining room table from pictures above.

formal modern dining room design with oval marble top and brown microfiber chairs plus dim lights

elegant classic dining table furniture sets with oval table shape and artistic hanging lamp}