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Hocky puts Convenience and Functionality into One Package

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Convenience and Functionality Sofa Hocky

Innovative, that is what we can say about Hocky. What is Hocky exactly? At very first glance, we can tell that it is a sofa, a very huge one. However, we might get confused about what it is exactly when we found out that it is a set of function armchairs and sofas. Hocky is not just an ordinary huge sofa because we would get armchairs and sofa if we separated the parts of the sofa. This gives us option whether we are going to put it at one room or separate it and scattered the parts throughout the home.

Elegant Extended Sofa Hocky

Speaking about the functionality, act as convenience sofa is not the only thing that Hocky offers. We can also use it as working chair. The armrest of Hocky helps us to support our laptop. This proves that Hocky is very adaptable. Its transformation flows fluently just to provide us wide range of functionality. Ranging from convenience spot to sit on to working chair that is really helpful with its armrest turn into table, Hocky is a furniture with ability to give us enough option of usage. Hocky is coming from the Polish furniture studio, Merely and designed by Marcin Wielgosz.

Detail of Hocky Sofa

Unique Hocky Sofa Element

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