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How to Arrange Small Living Room Furniture

Modern people, especially those living in a big city like London, Seoul, New York or Tokyo must live with the fact that space is expensive. They have to live in a small house or apartment with very limited space. However by living in small home doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice comfort and style. You can still add and arrange the furniture in your home to make it comfortable and stylish. Moreover nowadays there are various provide wide range of furniture selection for small home or apartment including small living room furniture.

Arrange a Small Living Room

The living room is one of the most visited rooms in a house; where family gather to have some chat over TV shows or a movie. It’s also the space where you want to chill out and read a magazine or book as well as entertain visiting friends. With such various purpose decorating the living room while the space is really limited is quite a challenge and often difficult for most people.

To help you arrange the small living room furniture in your living room we provide some tips and guides based on information we gather from several trusted website such as potterybarn.com and raymourflanigan.com.

Small Living Room Furniture Layout Ideas

Tips to Arrange Small Living Room Furniture :

  • The very first step to arrange your small living room furniture is to decide on one decoration theme or style to apply in your living room. You can choose contemporary, modern, classic, chic or country theme for your living room.  Don’t let your living room to appear clustered and messy by adding furniture in different theme or style.
  • After deciding on a single theme to arrange your small living room furniture next thing to do is to add furniture based on the style. Remember not to fill too much furniture in your living room to avoid it looking very crowded and clustered. Instead adding one big sofa or couch chooses for two small loveseats for better use of the space. Consider adding built-in banquette in a corner or a window seat to open up floor space.

small living room furniture arrangement ideas

  • Arrange your small living room furniture to maximize the space available. Decide on a focal point for your living room: for example a TV or a fireplace. Arrange the loveseats or coach to the living room’s focal point ant put a coffee table to anchor its position. Add two chairs across from it to create conversation area. If you like to read much, you can add a small wicker chair or Windsor rocker and a floor lamp to create a reading area.
  • Look for small living room furniture with dual functionality. For example Coffee table and chairs that can also function as storage or bookshelves that also works as room’s art decoration.

Small Room Furniture Stores

  • Last step to decorate your room using small living room furniture is to personalize the room by adding the accessories. Remember not to add too much accessories in the room to avoid messing and cluttering the space. Opts for decoration that also has functional value. Add large mirror in the room to make the room looks bigger.


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