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Simple Tips to Refinish Cheap Furniture so It can Appear with Expensive Looks

Refinish Cheap Furniture – Before starting the decoration project, every homeowner needs to create perfect budget plan. This is a very determining stage of the project. Through this initial stage, we could see how our home would be looking like right after the project is finished. Extra budget allows us to play around with decoration. Otherwise, we need to work harder to make the decoration within our budget. One of the most efficient ways to decorate home in low budget is by buying the low-cost pieces furniture, which means we need to let go style, taste, or perhaps quality. In case you need solution to make low-cost furniture looks expensive, there are four simple tips shared below for achieving that.

Add Feet – Most of us would wonder how elevating the height of furniture by adding feet would help making it looks more expensive, but this trick works. We can see it through by looking at styles of feet offered at the market that is quite a lot.

Refinish Cheap Furniture how-to-make-cheap-furniture-look-expensive-stunning-vibrant-living-room-with-wooden-bookshelf-and-oak-wood-frame-fireplace-standing-floor-lamp

Change the Hardware – The material of a product reveals quality, which means we can see very clearly the quality of a product by only looking at its material. Plastic material seems to be the characteristic of low-cost product. We can make the low-cost piece furniture looks more authentic by changing the parts with part out of more authentic materials like chrome or ceramic.

Character – static and less dynamic will only lead a piece of furniture to look less expensive. We need to liven it up by giving the piece a character. A simple trick as adding a roll of wallpaper to the interior should be enough to liven it up.

Refinish Cheap Furniture how-to-make-cheap-furniture-look-expensive-white-tufted-headboard-bedroom-design-with-white-night-stand-and-table-lamp-long-white-curtain

Upholster and Tufting – When you buy a cheap sofa, one thing you will find first is that it does not come with attractive upholstery and no tufting buttons. You can make it seems more expensive by changing the covering and add tufting buttons. All those little investment will hide the true price of your sofa neatly.

Are not those tricks easy to practice? Simply try all those tricks to improve your home aesthetically.

Refinish Cheap Furniture how-to-make-cheap-furniture-look-expensive-elegant-living-room-with-tufted-sectional-l-shaped-sofa-and-glass-table-grey-cushion-white-framed-glass-door

Refinish Cheap Furniture how-to-make-cheap-furniture-look-expensive-merging-contemporary-and-traditional-wooden-dining-furniture-design-effortlessly