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Impressive Nebraska Furniture Mart Texas Design Collection

Store of Nebraska Furniture Mart Texas

Nebraska Furniture Mart in Texas has a huge space that fits almost everything that you need. You can find stuff worth $5 to stuff that’s worth more than $10,000. The place offers so many options, that many of the costumers end up strolling through the store for hours.

Many think that the NFM only offers furniture related things, but with more than 500,000 square foot of space available, you can really add little some things for everyone.

Set for North Texas Nebraska Furniture Mart

As we have mentioned earlier, shopping here can really take hours. The average duration of visit of the customer here is around 3 hours. With such long visit, the company tries their best to provide the best experience by providing facilities here and there.

For example, during our time shopping for a chair here, we ended up looking for other stuffs for our home too. After looking around for some time, I noticed that my smartphone’s battery is running low. It was a pleasant surprise finding the charging stations. We also noticed that there is a number of food stalls available to feed those hungry bellies.

Nebraska Furniture Mart Texas Patio Department

Here’s another example: you know when you’re shopping with your kids, things can get pretty hectic? Parents whose children bored can take them to the second level of the store, which practically a great place to hang out for the kids. There are movies to watch, and even Xbox to play (in the electronics department).

With such large stores, it can be pretty hard to find the section that offers the stuff that you want on your own; therefore you should rely on the paper maps available in the entrance to get easy navigation through the store. But if you're inside already, please use the interactive screens that can guide you to the section that you want.

Nebraska Furniture Mart Texas Electronics Department

In terms of furniture shopping, we find that the place offers a great selection. What we love the most is that there are consultants that can help you find the perfect piece for you and they can even provide custom design!

Nebraska Furniture Mart Texas DIning Room Department

Nebraska Furniture Mart Texas Bedding Department

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