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Katedra – High Tech Office Desk with Wireless Phone Charger Integrated

High Tech Office Desk Katedra by Desnahemisfera

The demand of high tech products keeps increasing every day, and so far there are no signs of this to stop. Here is another high technology product created by Desnahemisfera. A sophisticated office desk called Katedra offers us functionality that we cannot find at anywhere before. It is its ability to convert itself to a charger. Do we need to plug some part of the table to our phone to enjoy this feature? No, there is no such of thing as plugging the dock to the port. The only thing we need to do is putting our phone on certain area of the table. That is it. The table will charge your phone as soon as you put the phone. The company has planted AirChange, a wireless phone charger, to this office desk.

High Technology Office Desk Katedra by Desnahemisfera

Katedra comes with unique design, combining the sleek look futuristic on top and solid wood block at the bottom. White piece of Kerrock is chosen to represent the sleek looking top part of the table, while the bottom part is made of wood. To complete its functionality as an office desk, Katedra includes drawers with pus-to-open mechanism, and a pocket to hide your PC keyboard under the desktop.

High Tech Office Desk Katedra with Drawers by Desnahemisfera

High Tech Office Desk Katedra with Wireless Phone Charger by Desnahemisfera

Sophisticated Office Desk Katedra by Desnahemisfera

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