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Living in Small Homes by Molecule Tiny Homes

If you look at the pictures of houses built by Molecule Tiny Homes, you might be wondering how a person or a family can live in a very small house like that. Of course, they look cute. Actually being cute is not the only reason for living in such a small house. Do you know that there are other benefits of staying in a tiny house? Tiny homes consist of only a few basic rooms. Even some tiny homes are totally open. The main benefit of the home is it is less cluttered. As you only have a small space, you cannot fill the home with much stuff. This can be a wonderful advantage. When there are not many things at home, it will be easier for you to organize things and find things you need quickly. You do not need to burden with the chores of cleaning the home.

redwood tinyhouse molecule-tiny-homes-view-from-kitchen redwood tinyhouse with wheel living in small homes by molecule tiny homes

More importantly, living in a small house means more saving. You can just save anything for cooling, heating, taxes, furniture, cleaning, and maintenance. It also prevents you to become wasteful. When you want to buy things, you remember that there are no places in your home to keep the stuff.

molecule tiny homes for sale living in small homes by molecule tiny homes

Many people often compete to build big houses. They say they want to have a higher quality of life. You know what? For some other people, happiness improves when they try living small and this makes sense. You have less time to clean, maintain, and organize the house which means more time to something that makes you happy such as doing your hobbies or meeting up with some close friends. Small homes also bring benefits to the environment. Tiny homes are designed to be green homes because less energy is used. Furthermore, it uses fewer resources compared to big homes. By living in a small home, you make a contribution to the environment.

molecule tiny homes with stairs to loft living in small homes by molecule tiny homes

It can be said that tiny homes are very beneficial in some aspects. Even so, there are also drawbacks to tiny homes. First, not all people can live with only a few things. These things can clutter your home. You have to find and learn the ways to organize your small space. You should be wise in buying things and furniture. It has something to do with the second downside. Note that you cannot have it all. This can be difficult if previously you live in a large home and you have to move in a tiny home. You may need to give some of your possessions to your friends or sell them at garage sales.

In a tiny home, it is also not possible for you to entertain a lot of guests. The only option is to ask them to eat out or hang out somewhere. But this can only be done in warm months. What if is it in winter? You cannot hold a party and gather. It can be concluded that tiny homes offer both benefits and challenges. It is good to live in a tiny home, but you should be ready with all of the challenges.

craftsman style bungalow design by molecule tiny home living in small homes by molecule tiny homes

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