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Locker Bedroom Furniture – Cool Additional Furniture to Create Sports-themed Bedroom for Kid and Teen

Kids and teens really love to get involved in sports; some of them are even addicted. Surprise your lovely kid or teen by adding his or her bedroom with lockers. Lockers are lockable storage which you can find easily in sports stadiums. The furniture is usually placed in a special room where athletes change their sweatshirts and socks. A bedroom with lockers will feel like a professional space designed specifically for athletes. As additional bedroom furniture, I’m sure that lockers will inspire your kid or teen to improve his or her performance in sports.

stunning bedroom furniture with pro-style lockers and drawers to store some sports equipment

If your kid or teen does not require tall lockers, then just purchase foot lockers. Foot lockers are small, but they’re able to accommodate a few sports equipments, shirts, socks, shoes and even balls. Don’t forget to adjust the lockable storage with your kid or teen’s favorite team colors. If he or she is a great fan of Utah Jazz, then blue and white lockers will be the right choice. The storage will truly create a special and personalized bedroom. To improve the sports atmosphere, suggest your kid or teen to put some sports pieces around the lockers. They may come as balls, tennis racket and baseball glove.

locker bedroom furniture for boys with football theme furniture

Pro-style lockers are so cool, but some parents consider them as unsuitable pieces for bedroom. Well, I understand the parents’ way of thinking. If I have the chance to meet them, I will recommend the use of locker-inspired bedroom furniture. It can come as a wooden bed frame with drawers underneath which look like real lockers. A kid or teen may also use the drawers to store some sports equipment. Complementing the bed frame with sports-themed bedding set will turn it into a more awesome unit.

This wooden loft bed is actually also a locker-inspired bedroom furniture. Look, the piece has a large built-in storage that can hold shirts, towels and shoes just like pro-style lockers. A teen must be very impressed with the loft bed. Since the bedroom furniture also comes with a desk, the teen can even use it for studying or reading.

custom DIY design mudroom cubby with wooden locker hooks and drawer shoe rack storage under bench seat ideas

Pro-style lockers and locker-inspired furniture should be included in all parents’ consideration when they are decorating a bedroom for their kid or teen. They should know that sports are the biggest passion of most kids and teens. Without sports, a kid or teen will lose the motivation to improve his or her potential.

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