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Makes Your Lazy Time More Enjoyable with Mood Rocking Bed

Mood Mood Rocking Bed and Rocking Chair with Carbon Steel Frame also Wood Base Finish

There is nothing better than staying at home enjoying the weather throughout the weekend. Laying on a bed or sofa to enjoy the moment, that must be very peaceful and enjoyable. For those who have been dreaming that kind of situation, here is the Mood Rocking Bed by Joe Manus from Shiner International. Especially built to create the weekend more relaxing moment, Mood Rocking Bed can serve as the name describes rocking and giving the user comfort he/she wants, and as a stationary object like the other bed do by using the rubber stoppers. This rocking bed can fit to the environment both inside and outside of our home.

Mood Rocking Bed Comfortable Rocking Bed with Wood Base Finish and Black Carbon Steel Frame

Mood Rocking Bed does not only offer comfort to its user. Thanks to the design, it can easily be an effective attraction drawer at anywhere the user places it. This rocking bed is made of carbon steel frame that can be replaced with wood. It also comes with customization feature for better user’s satisfaction. The frame can be blackened, or brushed to meet the contemporary scheme of the room. The Mood Rocking Bed comes with various size options that include Twin, Full, King and Queen sizes. For the queen sized bed with carbon steel frame or wood base finish, it is tagged at $ 2995.

Mood Rocking Bed Carbon Steel Frame Rocking Bed and Wood Base Finish with White Pillow

Designer Joe Manus wanted a bed where you could, “Dream your dreams, love your lover, and rest your soul.” Four legs and a headboard simply would not suffice. Built for indoor slumber or stargazing in the backyard, the Rocking Bed comes with a rubber stop that allows you to lock the bed in place or let it rock freely. Like all of Shiner International’s pieces, this bed is built from up-cycled materials.

Wood is natural hardwood that is finished in boiled linseed oil. The oil will keep the wood from rotting, but will not prevent it from weathering and fading. The wood may change appearance over time if left in direct sun and rain.

Mood Rocking Bed Side View of Mod Rocking Bed with Brown Blanket and Carbon Steel Frame

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