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Menards Bathroom Vanities – Simple Choice for Elegant Design

What kind of bathroom style that you have right now? Do you want to upgrade the interior even just a bit from the footage? Yeah, it is just no longer comfortable to maintain your old bathroom for a long time. Minimal upgrade will be helpful to add the atmosphere to be more livable and of course far from boredom. If you want to give a simple touch into your bathroom, why don’t you take bathroom vanity Menards into yours? Let’s check some pictures below!

elegant dark vanity design by Menards with double sink and two square mirrors

White is usually the most popular color for many interior designs including bathroom as it is natural and bright in the same time. Having the same thought, Menards give the best outcome of a perfect white bathroom vanity design. it is perfect for the shape which is simply rectangle, and it is also perfect for the storage added like the drawers. in addition, this vanity is also full of style represented by the use of double black marble sinks on its top. In any spots, this design will always be matching!

dark wood menards bathroom vanity with turquoise top accent and frameless wall mirror

The next design from Menards brings the nuance of tropical sense with natural look. Thanks to the dark wooden material shaping the rectangle vanity with full of storage. The most interesting detail in this design is the turquoise accent applied on the top that shares the outlook of fresh water just like in the beach. With a complete detail from top to toe, it could be a compact design that will also reflect your body on the frameless wall mirror above it.

Dealing with the taste of urban people with all of the minimalist appeal surrounding, Menards also comes with a unique floating vanity design for a modern and luxurious bathroom with open plan. White is chosen for its elegant look and classy prestige. The sink is let to be single for unique tone with super light board supporting beneath. There is also wall storage for additional need just after the wall mirror attached above the sink. What do you think?

unique floating vanity design from menards with white ceramic sink and wall storage

Further, a beige wooden vanity design looks greater with its natural tone filling a bathroom with white domination. if I were you, I will have the design inside a Scandinavian bathroom idea because the purple orchid above the top is just so tempting to contrast the winter mood of Scandinavian detail. Some sliding wooden carved doors give you the access to put in or take out the toiletries inside like towel and even shampoo or soaps. Menards bathroom vanity sets are Perfect!

natural beige wooden vanity design from Menards with Scandinavian bathroom idea and sliding carved doors bathroom vanities menards} else {