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Minimalist but Elegant – Meet Sofista the Three in One Sofa

Designing for small space is a very challenging task. Not only because we have to deal with limited space, but limited options also give huge contribution to how challenging this task is. Meet Sofista, a modular sofa that could be perfect additional furniture for those who live in small home. In basic position, Sofista will be looking as huge armchair. However, it could turn into three different chairs when we drag the side part of it. There will be a chaise-lounge and two sofas, while the armchair disappears for a while. The design is simple, not much of detail offered by this chair, but still offers elegant look. The neutral color makes it fits for almost any contemporary interiors, and is suitable for small sized home or apartments.

Huge Armchair Modern Sofa

The transformation from one chair into three pieces itself does not require much effort. We just need to drag the side part of the chair to get the two extra sofas. The chair comes with simple design because functionality is the priority of the design. However, it still looks nice though. If you were interested to bring this sofa into your home, this sofa is available online for €1210.00. Sofista is available in some color combination.

Sofista Sofa Suitable for Small Sized Home or Apartments