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The Gap by Alain Gilles – New Bonaldo’s Table with Intriguing Design

new bonaldo table gap-bonaldo-table-gap-by-alain-gilles-in-natural-colors-grey-glass-accessories

What would come across to your mind when asked about gap? The answer may come with various words, but we all might agree that gap is a space between two things or object. In furniture field, gap is the name chosen by Alain Gilles to call his creation. Each of the Gap’s leg consists of 2 pieces of metal blades that open out upward. This design gives structural strength to support the tabletop and changes the scheme from initially slim non-structural flat metal parts into structural elements.

new bonaldo table gap-elegant-table-gap-by-alain-gilles-with-artistic-accessories

The Gap’s legs are really the main point of Alain Gilles’ idea. Not only looking so unique in structure, they also liven up few personalities of the table. It allows the users to see different personality when looked from different viewpoint. The design really livens up the table. It is as if giving a soul and life to a dead object so it can move. Just look at the Gap from the front, from this point you are observing, you will see a table that resembles a paper mock-up where a tabletop is positioned on the top of two thin split pieces of paper.

new bonaldo table gap-alain-gilles-bonaldo-table-gap-wooden -flooring-glass-accessories

The decision of using thin tabletop comes to fruition. It gives multiple personalities to the whole design of the table. However, that is not the only thing that the designer tries to offer. The award-winning designer also tries to create a visual connection between the table top with its legs, just to create a visual illusion that the tabletop is resting on thin air. To achieve what is in his mind; Alain Gilles uses the same colors of the paint for both the metal legs and the stained wooden colors of the wood. The stained wooden colors allow us to see the texture of the wood.

new bonaldo table gap-natural-colors-grey-glass-accessories-bonaldo-table-gap-by-alain-gilles

What do you think about this New Bonaldo table “Gap”? Are you interested with this table? Check all the pictures of this New Bonaldo table “Gap” by Alain Gilles to see how beautiful it is. This table can easily draw attention from the people around the place where we decided to place it.

new bonaldo table gap-side-view-of-alain-gilles-gap-bonaldo-table-decorative-hanging-accessories

new bonaldo table gap-simple-complex-green-bonaldo-table-design-with-table-lamp-chair