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Outdoor Daybed Cushion Buying Guide

Outdoor daybed can be a place where you can get relaxed enjoying your beautiful yard during the day while breathing fresh air and reading your favorite magazine. This piece of furniture is a nice addition to any outdoor space. It is often put near a swimming pool, in a patio, or anywhere in your outdoor space. Besides being functional, an outdoor daybed can add a touch of elegance. Outdoor daybeds are usually made from rattan as this kind of material is water-resistant. Moreover, it can handle mild to moderate temperature changes. Another important benefit of rattan or wicker is its durability and strength. Although rattan is durable, it is not weighty. Instead, it is lightweight. In other words, rattan outdoor daybeds have great portability. Other materials are plastic, iron, still, and aluminum.


Material for the daybed is not the only important thing to take a look. The cushion is important as well as it determines the comfort level of a daybed. Once, outdoor daybed cushion needed to be protected from extreme weather conditions. For example, you had to move it inside or cover it when the day was extremely sunny or when the there was a heavy rainstorm. Thanks to advanced new technology that nowadays there are more fabric choices that are more durable and not easy to fade away. Still, there are crucial things to consider when selecting cushion for your outdoor daybed.


First, decide whether you want universal or custom cushions. Universal cushion fits most of the daybeds. However, some daybeds come in unique shapes and sizes that it might be a bit difficult to find fitted cushions. Therefore you need custom-created cushions that fit securely to the daybed frame. Fitted cushion won’t slide off the daybed easily. Second, think about the fabric. As the cushion is intended for outdoor, the fabric should be water and sun resistant. It also should resist mold and mildew. Common outdoor-friendly fabrics for outdoor daybed cushions include acrylics, cotton canvas, duck cloth, and vinyl.


Although the fabric is durable, still, it is important to follow the care instruction to increase the longevity of the cushion. The care restrictions and recommendations depend on the fabric type. For example, if the cushion is made from polyester fiber you can use vacuuming method to remove dust and dirt. Remove the cushions before you clean them. If the fabric is machine washable, you can wash the cushions using a machine but in gentle motion.

Last but not least, choose the right color and pattern of the cushion. The color and pattern should complement the existing color scheme of the yard. Choose vibrant color so the daybed can add punch and drama. Hot pink, deep purple and sunny yellow cushions can make your garden looks bright and inviting. Avoid green as it won’t make the daybed stand out. Find a color that contrasts with the surrounding. Also, stay away from leaves or floral prints. Pick patterns that are different from what are already in your garden. Polka dots and stripes, for example, are great patterns you can consider.



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