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Tips for Choosing Outdoor Restaurant Furniture

Furniture is an integral part in any restaurant business, especially outdoor restaurant. Great outdoor restaurant furniture brings function and comfort for the customer satisfaction. Bad selection of outdoor restaurant furniture, whether it’s not comfortable to use or distasteful in design, will scare off customer which means very bad news for the business. In order to prevent such business disaster to happen anyone who wants to open an outdoor restaurant or thinking to refurnish their existing one should plan and think carefully when choosing the furniture.

Outdoor Restaurant Tables and Chairs

Outdoor Restaurant Tables and Chairs

To help you choose the best outdoor restaurant furniture for your space we will provide you several tips to follow based on bhg.com.

Choosing Outdoor Restaurant Furniture Checklist

  • Write a concept

The first step to choose the best outdoor restaurant furniture is to contemplate how you want the outdoor space to function. Think and write a concept for your outdoor space. Would you like it as place for romantic dinner or dinner party with family and friend? By knowing the concept you will know what kind of furniture you need to buy. For example: you will need a large dining table if you want your restaurant to be able to held a dining table while you will need smaller table for romantic dinner restaurant.

  • Try it before you buy

Never judge the furniture only by its looks, especially for the seating. A chair may look aesthetically pleasing yet gruesomely uncomfortable to seat on. You have to avoid buying such outdoor restaurant furniture by trying to take a seat on it before you decide to buy it.

Outside Dining Table and Chairs

Outside Dining Table and Chairs

  • Buy easy maintenance outdoor furniture

Always look for outdoor restaurant furniture that is easy to maintain. Time is really valuable when you conduct a business. You don’t want to spend your valuable time maintaining furniture that is beautiful yet hard to maintain while you have many other business to do. Go for tough and easy care material such as cedar, metal, or teak.

  • Consider Storage

Most outdoor restaurant don’t open all year round, they have to close the business temporary during the winter or rainy season. In such off season you will have to store the furniture in a protected location to make it last longer. If you only have limited space for the storage chooses for outdoor furniture that folds.

  • Consider the color

Try to add more colorful finishes to the furniture and the cushions.

Commercial Outdoor Furniture for Restaurants

Commercial Outdoor Furniture for Restaurants

  • Choose quality furniture

When you first open an outdoor restaurant you may be tempted to buy attractive and cheap plastic resin chairs for their business just to find that the furniture just last for a year or two and they end up paying more for the replacement.      Good quality outdoor furniture from good material is indeed quite expensive, but your investment will surely pay off with the longevity.

  • Go for versatility

Look for outdoor restaurant furniture that can have dual purpose. For example chair that can be used with small dining table yet can also be combined with larger dining table.

Image: cozydays.com, designwagen.com