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Paint Ceiling or Walls First? Painting Tips for Beginners

Many new homeowners often face dilemma about painting their interior. The most common question that emerges is that whether you should paint your ceiling or wall first. Well, painting job is not as easy as everyone thinks. It needs some technique to make it work. Experts say that ceiling should be the first part to paint. It is because painting a ceiling can be very messy and the paint would splatter everywhere. It really makes sense since you will ruin your wall paint if you paint your wall first. So today, we come with a couple of tips and examples of how good painting ideas for your ceiling and walls.

calm dining room with smart mix of color tone and nice contrast of the walls

This one is a pretty dining room with rich color. The designer seems to blend nice colors to make playful image to this room. However, he did it with the right technique. He painted the ceiling first with a brighter tone. The ceiling here has bright pink tone. The pink ceiling is combined with nice contrast of the walls. Here, the walls get red and yellow paints. The pink, red, and yellow tones become gorgeous palette combination. Furthermore, the dining room palettes are also gained from the brown wood dining set with a mahogany table and arrow back chairs.

perfect victorian dining room with black and white tone of the ceiling paint and beige wall

You may discover a perfect design of a Victorian dining room in this photo. The ceiling of this dining room has been painted in black and white tone. You may see the wood ceiling structure is painted in black and the plasterboard gets white palette. Meanwhile, the wall treatment is pretty interesting, too. The textured wall showcases beige shades. The beige wall promotes amazing light design as well using spotlights. The embellishment on the wall becomes more decorative using classic paintings. Without painting the ceiling first, you cannot make such gorgeous wall color.

Next, we want to show a fabulous small living room. This apartment living room has its coffered ceiling painted first. The white coffered ceiling painting process is followed by the application of blue paint on the wall. The interior color paint idea in this room is basically a combination between blue and white. The proportion of white tone can be seen on the ceiling and window frames. Meanwhile, the entire wall looks endearing with light blue tone. So, in conclusion, you have to paint your ceiling first before your wall for maximum beauty. Hope you enjoy our post today!

fabulous small apartment living room with with ceiling paint and blue paint on the wall

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