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Prevent Scratch with Furniture Glides for Hardwood Floors

Furniture Glides for Hardwood Floors – Angled surface will cause scratch on your floor. This is what always happens when we bring in chair to our home. How we move the furniture also gives huge contribution in damaging our home’s flooring. Dragging it will make things worse, while lifting it is impossible because there is no one home can help. Placing glides on the legs of furniture can be great idea to reduce possibility of scratching our hardwood floor. If you were now in need of information about furniture glides for hardwood floors, we have gathered some useful information you can use to improve the protection for your hardwood flooring.

Furniture Glides for Hardwood Floors

Chair Glides Above Engineered Oak Hardwood Flooring

Chair Glides for Hardwood Floors

As we all know, wooden flooring’s are susceptible of scratch. We have to find out the way to improve the protection level of our wood floor. Installing glides on the furniture seems to be one of the best solutions we can have now as they are easy to get and relatively easy to install.

There are several options of glide available in the market. Every of them offer their strength, but at the same time has drawback that we need to consider before buying it.

The first type of glides is the felt glides. The main feature of these glides is the adhesive backing of them will make them sticking on the bottom of the furniture legs. Unfortunately, they will be easily off position of the leg over time as frequent use. The first glide we install would not be working as they should if they are out of position, which means the possibility of scratch will be reopened. Felt glides are only recommended for occasionally used furniture.

Furniture Glides for Hardwood Floors

Forever Glides for Wood – 1 in

The next in our list we have PVC glides. These glides are made of plastic, and have a tack on them. Simply press the tack onto the bottom of the furniture leg to install it, and that is it. The tack keeps the glide in the position, making it a better option than the felt type. However, we should not go for the PVC glides if we have dark finish hardwood flooring because they might leave thin layers of residue as they wear over time. If you had brighter color of hardwood floor, this type of glide might be suitable for your need.

Another furniture glides for hardwood floors in this article, the spring loaded glides. Basically, this type of glide works just like the PVC type. There is part of the glide we need to push through the glide and the base of the furniture. The spring loaded glide uses screw to hold the glide’s position, while the spring inside the glide will help us to reduce possibility of scratch by preventing it from moving out of position.

Furniture Glides for Hardwood Floors

Tabouret Bistro Steel-Side Chairs Set of 2

The last type of furniture glides for hardwood floors we are going to discuss in this article is the combo glides. As the name implies, they will be combination between the PVC glides and felt glides. The PVC part will deal with the bottom of the furniture, while the softness of felt glide will give enough protection for the floor. You can Buy here!

Furniture Glides for Hardwood Floors Gallery

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