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Rachel Ashwell Bedding for Beauty, Comfort, and Function

Do you need high-quality bedding sets? Rachel Ashwell stores offer superior quality of bedding sets and furniture. The products are designed in a shabby chic style that delivers beauty, comfort, and function to the costumers. The first Rachel Ashwell store was established in the end of 1980s in Santa Monica, California. It means it has been running the business for almost four decades. At that time, the store did not sell bedding but it sold washable slipcovered furniture and shabby chic accessories.  Right now there are fifteen stores selling products with great values and aesthetics. It can be clearly seen that the company develops greatly.


In Rachel Ashwell, there are many kinds of furniture you can buy such as sofas, side tables, bath accessories, gifts, vintage pieces, baby furniture, lighting, and much more. Among all of the choices, Rachel Ashwell is known for its bedding collection. The collection includes duvets, pillowcases and shams, bed skirts, sheets, and much more. Rachel Ashwell bedding sets are famous for their exclusive shabby chic style. The bedding sets can transform the dull look of your bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary.


There are reasons why shopping at Rachel Ashwell stores can give a fun experience and sophistication. First, as mentioned previously Rachel Ashwell sells various types of furniture. It means that you do not need to go to many different stores just to shop for different pieces of furniture. You can really save energy and time, then. Second, the shabby chic style of the furniture is exceptionally attractive. From the way the furniture looks, you can tell that it is something precious. It does not make the room looks cheap. Instead, it adds value and charm to the room. Shabby chic bedding sets by Rachel Ashwell help you to make the bed as the centerpiece of the room. It will be better to use other bedroom furniture pieces in shabby chic to complete the look of the entire space.


The products sold by Rachel Ashwell are always up-to-date. If you want to find shabby chic furniture and bedding in the latest trend, just visit Rachel Ashwell stores. If you cannot visit the stores directly, you can simply go to the website where you can conveniently and quickly order furniture online anytime and from wherever you are. The best thing is you can do shopping while doing other activities. When you are busy, there is always time for shopping.

Another reason for buying shabby chic furniture from the place is the discount they frequently offer. Not only do the stores give a special price on particular events, they also offer discount almost every day. Even, there is a chance that customers can get special discounts on new arrivals. You can also enjoy special prices the first time you visit the website. It is recommended that you subscribe catalogs that will be sent monthly to your email so you are always informed about new items and whether there are discounts for particular items.



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