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Rod Kush 7 Day Furniture

Rod Kush 7 Day Furniture – Once known as football player, many people now recognize Rod Kush as the owner of 7 Day Furniture. The Journey of Rod Kush 7 Day Furniture began when Rod Kush decided to put himself away from sport industry. He played his last match in 1986. One year later, he built a furniture company named Furniture On Consignment, Inc, which was company selling mostly used furniture. During the journey of career in furniture business, the company experienced huge improvement from 1992 to 2006. Throughout that period of years, Rod Kush’s furniture company added more product types to its merchandise list as well as other type of business, and opened new branches on some locations. In 2006, 7 Day Furniture, Inc was born.

Rod Kush 7 Day Furniture Lincoln Ne rod kush furniture lincoln ne rod kush lincoln ne

Rod Kush 7 Day Furniture Lincoln Ne

Enough with the company’s history, let’s move to the main course. Now we are going to see what the Rod Kush 7 Day Furniture really has for its customers. As a furniture store, it has plenty options of furniture we can choose from. There are three main areas of home used by the company to sort out the product. Some people would find it is much easier way to find furniture because they just need to be in the section of the home where the furniture classified. Rod Kush 7 Day Furniture also allows the customers to search product by manufacturer. This would be very helpful for those who have been very loyal to one manufacturer. This type of customers usually has been using products from particular manufacturer for years, or even generations. Rod Kush 7 Day Furniture proposes a very effective searching method to those who have limited budget. It has price-based searching tool, which allows us to find products within our budget range. By using this tool, we are not going to see products outside our range.

Every product displayed at Rod Kush 7 Day Furniture has detail information enclosed. This would be very useful for the potential customers who want to learn more about the product. The detail information of furniture shared by Rod Kush 7 Day Furniture is consisting of the product’s measurement, color, and price. All general information about the product is enclosed.

Rod Kush Seven Day Furniture

Rod Kush Seven Day Furniture

How many payment options are available for customers? Speaking about payment option, Rod Kush 7 Day Furniture has few. This would help the customers to bring home the furniture as soon as possible. Other than the common payment options like cash and via credit card, the company has other methods to purchase furniture that we can use. They are lease to own, first state lease-purchase, 8 week layaway, 90 days same as cash, 8 weeks same as cash, and 12 months interest free financing. The popular lease to own method allows us to bring home furniture to our home through leasing agreement, but at some point of the agreement, we can use the option to obtain full ownership of the furniture by purchasing it. The company has shared the detail information of each payment option as well as each financing program on the website.

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