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Rustic Trunk Coffee Table for Your Living Room

A living room is never complete without the presence coffee table. A coffee table has numerous functions. Firsts it is very useful when guests are visiting. You can put drinks and snacks on it. Second, when it comes with drawers or tray, you can store just about anything, making the area less cluttered. Third, a coffee table can serve as a decorative piece that completes the look of any living rooms. Coffee tables come in a wide variety of designs. If you are fond of the rustic design, think about a rustic trunk coffee table to beautify your living room. This adds a vintage feel to the room, making it one-of-a-kind.

rustic coffee table double trunk rustic trunk coffee table for your living room

The use of a vintage trunk as a coffee table is really a fantastic idea. It brings extra storage to the room. You can just store stuff that you do not want to display. Find sofa, chairs, and an area rug that complement the coffee table nicely. It will result in a comfy and relaxing lounge area. If the sofa and rug come in pastel, pale colors, find a vintage trunk with dark brown color. Contrasting colors is a brilliant idea to make the coffee table stand out. The charm of the coffee table is able to create a lively room in an elegant natural look.

rustic coffee table with lift top decor rustic trunk coffee table for your living room

Rustic trunks are definitely decorative. No wonder if many homeowners love them so much. Some of them are distressed for a more rustic look. There are rustic trunks with wheels. The presence of wheels can make the table easily be moved. Sometimes we need to move our furniture for redecorating or cleaning. That is why the addition of wheels is really helpful. The wheels are removable so if you think the table looks better without the wheels, you can just remove it and install them again when you need to move the table. Other features are bridle leather and solid hardware.

square storage trunk coffee table rustic trunk coffee table for your living room

Rustic furniture is mostly made of pinewoods which are known for being strong and solid. Pine has light shades. If you prefer darker shades, consider trunk coffee tables made of mahogany or walnut. There are actually many other shades and woods used for making this furniture. The woods are mostly reclaimed, meaning that they have been used before. Do you know what it implies? It is eco-friendly, perfect for those who love the earth.

Using a rustic trunk as a coffee table is really a kind of a big trend. It fits not only rustic decoration but also shabby chic and traditional interior. If you really want to incorporate flair of vintage in your living room, choose no other than rustic trunk coffee table. In addition, to adding a bit of rustic look and feel, the coffee table also offers plenty of storage that can be a great room for magazines, books, DVDs, linens, and much more. You can buy them from garage sales, antique stores, or online retailers. Prices vary depending on the size, design, finishes, and quality of wood. The brand also influences the price.

steamer trunk coffee table with three drawers rustic trunk coffee table for your living room

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