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Samples of High Top Kitchen Tables Perfect Addition to Your Kitchen

High Top Kitchen Tables – Why choose high top kitchen table? The answer may vary, but there is one thing that really connects all those answers. It is the ability of high top kitchen tables to open more areas in limited space in our kitchen. What I am trying to say here is that they have the ability to be additional furniture in our home that can provide functional area without making our kitchen looks full. Other than that, choosing high top kitchen table is a perfect alternative to make the kitchen looks more spacious. It has the ability to make us think that our decision to bring in high top kitchen table was right because it only takes small space. Many people choose this type of kitchen table because it is less formal than the standard table, making it the better option when trying to present more casual dining atmosphere.

High Top Kitchen Tables for Sale

It would not take long for us to find high top kitchen tables because many furniture stores have put almost everything they have on their online gallery. This includes their kitchen table collections. If you were interested about the idea in making your kitchen looks more spacious as well as having less formal kitchen, you should check some samples of high top kitchen table we have gathered from few sources below.

The first model to come up is the John Boos WAL-CUCKNB4230. This one comes with 1 – ½” thick Walnut top and stainless legs. What makes it worth considering table is that this 36” H x 30” W x 48” L table is adjustable. This feature allows you to make alteration according to your need. This model does not require complicated care because only simple maintenance will be enough to keep it in shape. Visit the Overstock now to find full information of John Boos WAL-CUCKNB4230.

High Top Kitchen Tables

John Boos WAL-CUCKNB430 Walnut Cucina Americana Classico 48x30x36

The next in our list, here is another John Boos’ product. This one called with WAL-CUCKNB430-40. Just like the first mentioned of John Boos’, this one comes with 1-1/2 inches thick hard walnut top and stainless legs. It shares many similarities with the WAL-CUCKNB4230, or maybe we can call it as the higher version of WAL-CUCKNB4230 due to its 4” of height different. The maintenance is as easy as what the WAL-CUCKNB4230 requires.

High Top Kitchen Tables

John Boos WAL-CUCKNB430-40 Cherry Cucina Americana Classico 48x30x40

If the first two samples were very simple ones, the next one is a bit more sophisticated. Crosley Butcher Block Top Kitchen Island comes with many features that make this table a perfect addition to your kitchen. As the name implies, this table has a butcher block topping its hardwood body. Polished with white wood veneers, this table can make your kitchen looks more appealing. For the features, it offers drawers, cabinet, and towel bars. The kitchen island is measured at 48-1/4″ W x 23″ D x 36″ H. This table is offered in one package with stools. Check for full information about this table at the Bed Bath & Beyond.

High Top Kitchen Tables

Crosley Butcher Block Top Kitchen Island with 24-Inch Shield Back Stools in White-Black

So, which one of high top kitchen tables mentioned above can meet your requirements? Visit the website’s gallery respectively, and see how they help you furnishing your kitchen.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);