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Samples of Walls of Wood that are Worth to Check

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30 Wood Walls Inspirations Classic Walls of Wood in the Bedroom with Several of Hat and Dark Floor Lamp-Yellow Table Lamp-White Pendant Lamp-White Bedroom Cabinet-Brown Framed Glass Windows

Love it or hate it, the usage of wood as the main material in furniture industry will always be raising the tension of debate about deforestation. Some said that we should start using recyclable materials to prevent worse deforestation, while the other said that it is all right to use woods as main material because we plant more than we harvest. Without a doubt, wooden furniture can provide different atmosphere to the area where it is sitting. For those who need fresh idea to change the appearance of the home, turning the wall into the focal point can be an interesting idea. The texture, color, and pattern of wooden material can bring warm atmosphere to your room. Other than that, wooden wall can fit into almost any style of decoration, whether it is minimalist, traditional or eclectic.

30 Wood Walls Inspiration Homey Family Room with Wooden Wall-Futon Sofa-Black Framed Glass Door-Decorative Pendant Lamps

Just in case you have not even seen wall of wood before, there are some examples of walls of wood shared in this post. Take a look at them, and see how beautiful they are. Every single example of walls of wood shared has their own characteristic, and chances are there might be one from those samples can really draw your attention so that you want it to be your home.

30 Wood Walls Inspirations Walls of Wood in the Family Room with Classic Wooden Furniture Theme and Black Room Heater also Dark Floor Lamp

30 Wood Walls Inspirations Wooden Wall in the Bedroom with Dark Framed Glass Door

30 Wood Walls Inspirations 2nd Floor Area-Wooden Wall-Dark Staircase-Ceiling Light-Wooden Windows

30 Wood Walls Inspirations Wooden Walls for Private Room with Wooden Bench

30 Wood Walls Inspirations Wooden Wall in Family Room with L-Shaped Sofa and Dark Framed Fireplace-Round Black Wooden Table also Large Glass Door

30 Wood Walls Inspirations Walls of Wood in the Bedroom with White Bed and Night Stand-White Pillow-Grey Cushion also Decorative Wall lamp

30 Wood Walls Inspirations Home Vacation with Wooden Wall-Wooden Chair and Table-Dark Sofa

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