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Simply Shabby Chic Furniture for Your Interior Design

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Shabby chic interior design first appeared in England in 1980. A decade later, this interior style became popular in America. Many people adorn the beauty of the simplicity of the style. If you are interested in designing and decorating your home in this style, you should find the right furniture. The easiest way is to shop for shabby chic furniture in Target because this retailer has a good reputation. You can find high-quality furniture in this style under the brand Simply Shabby Chic furniture. The furniture here is generally made from old wood. Other items are made from iron and rattan. Natural material can highlight the style. Actually, not all of them are made from old wood. Some of them are new but they are distressed or finished roughly to achieve an antique or old look.

liliput tufted ottoman simply shabby chic furniture for your interior design

Target sells not only shabby chic furniture but also soft furnishings such as window treatments, rugs, antiques, porcelain, and much more. For soft furnishings, linen and cotton are commonly used. Pastel colors such as green, white, and blue are generally used. The shabby chic style also incorporates vintage motif such as flowers, plaid, stripes, and polka dots. Other unique patterns are available as well. The beautiful motifs can enhance the touch shabby chic and feel, making the room more homey and relaxing.

pavilion oval dining table simply shabby chic furniture for your interior design

If you go Simply Shabby chic website, you can find many kinds of furniture for your home. You can find almost anything for your homes such as benches for your living room, dining sets for your dining room, bed frames for your bedroom, and much more. All of them have beautiful shabby chic style. Buying things from the website is very easy. Signing up for a new account is necessary. Then all you need to do is to select the furniture you are interested in.

french shabby chic bedroom chair and table simply shabby chic furniture for your interior design

The alternative of buying brand new shabby chic furniture is to make use of the existing furniture that you already have. Furniture that you use does not need to be old. They can be modern furniture that is distressed to achieve the vintage and aged feel. Choose furniture that is predominantly light and color and made of natural material. Avoid something dark and loud. White and other light colors are great ideas. If the actual color of the furniture is not white, you can give it a fresh coat of white. Before you repaint the furniture, make sure you clean it up first. An aged, faded appearance can be achieved by giving the furniture light sanding.

Getting underpriced antiques from your relatives is another awesome idea. Family heirlooms are indeed valuable pieces when it comes to shabby chic interior. The antiques will complete your interior design and in addition, make the design more personalized. Try to mix old pieces with modern furniture and accessories. Another thing to pay attention is to stay simple. Shabby chic décor does not need to be very neat or sleek but it does not mean that it can be cluttered. The style should be simple yet inviting.

sybil floor lamp simply shabby chic furniture for your interior design

oversized white denim beanbag simply shabby chic furniture for your interior design

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