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Some Creative Ideas in Dorm Room Arrangement

If you were about to enter the college world, then you should finish reading this article. There is something you can learn about how to make your dormitory looks and feels better. Dorm room furniture arrangement ideas will guide you to arrange the furniture in the limited space you have in your dormitory. As many people know, other than the admission test and finance, dorm keeps on appearing as the extra problem that many students need to face at an early stage of their life as a college student. Not only hard to get due to competition during the reservation stage, but sometimes the only dorms available are the ones with limited space. When option seems to run out and time starts to run out, there is nothing you can do but go with the option left. It does not matter as you can still get a chance to enjoy a comfortable life in small spaced dorm by optimizing the space available.

Dorm Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas

Best of Dorm Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas

Knowing that we will get a very limited space when living in a dorm, it is wise if we learn how to optimize the space we have. The point is to create extra space and to make a great arrangement in a very limited space.

The dorm room furniture arrangement ideas start with using the loft bed. Why we should choose this type of bed? As written earlier, one of the main points of the arrangement is to create extra space and lofting the bed is a perfect start. While the upper side acts as sleeping area, we can use the counterpart for other purposes. Bring in affordable mattress and television set to your room, and then put them on the area underneath the sleeping area, then you will get a lounge area in your room.

Dorm Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas

The next idea is to optimize the extra closet space. Closet is a common default feature of many dormitories, and if you had one in your new dormitory, then you can use it to make something different.  The point is to use the existing closet to create extra space and additional area. We can put things in open closet to save up space. We can move things from the lounge area into the open closet.

The third idea is to add storage area by adding shelf space and drawers to free up more spaces in the room. We cannot deny that making room neat and tidy is difficult. It requires extra effort, tools, and space. Why do we need extra space? The extra space is for the storage, storing the scattered things like books, stationaries, and or groceries. Add extra shelving and drawers to accommodate this plan.

Dorm Room Furniture Arrangement Ideas

The last in dorm room arrangement ideas is to use the desk area. Without a doubt, desk area can easily turn into the focal point of the dorm. Normally, it acts as the place for studying, placing computer and books. However, it can turn into something else by using our creativity a little bit.